Wonderfully Informal High Line Wedding

RyanTess (2)RyanTess (26)RyanTess (27)RyanTess (28)RyanTess (31)RyanTess (38)RyanTess (57)RyanTess (63)RyanTess (66)RyanTess (69)RyanTess (13)

Manhattan’s High Line is a fantastic location for couples who wish to marry in a fun, informal, and architectural setting. As a renovated former freight track, it is very much an urban garden with historical roots. If you wish to enjoy a wedding ceremony on the High Line, though, I must caution you.  Except for the northern end or very southern end, the space becomes very congested during warm months after the late morning. Of course, if you desire an animated, lively space, then go for it!  From my perspective as a wedding officiant, a cheering group watching is fun. Should you prefer the scenery without the congestion, a morning ceremony is likely better.

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