When it rains, you are still getting married! Hurrah!

Photography by http://DeNuevaPhoto.com
Photography by http://DeNuevaPhoto.com
Wedding Photography by http://DeNuevaPhoto.com
Wedding Photography by http://DeNuevaPhoto.com
Wedding Photography by http://DeNuevaPhoto.com
Wedding Photography by http://DeNuevaPhoto.com
Wedding Photography by http://DeNuevaPhoto.com

Organized, smart couples ponder many questions as they pick a ceremony venue. Here is a common question directed towards me, their NYC wedding officiant:  “What happens when it rains?” If you invite thirty guests to your marriage ceremony in a public park during colder weather, this is an especially important question. The responses will vary with the individual couples. I am flexible. Should the forecast predict rain on your wedding day and you love a particular niche that lacks shelter, I will simply bring an umbrella. Regardless of the weather, you will be married. And celebrating your love is ultimately what matters.

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