Dear Judie…..We have now been married more than a week and slowly I am beginning to realize what a wonderful thing married life can be…..My English is not so good – I can’t really find the right words to thank you for all you did for us. I want to thank you for your patience. For your soft way to guide us to that beautiful spot. I want you to understand that your words touched us deeply and the way you helped us to see and feel how much we love each other and how important our wish to do well for each other is – and our children and other people we care for and love! Right there and then we knew that we are right for each other…..We have been through so much hardship and so many joyful moments together already and intend to discover life anew again. Together…..Thank you…….Sincerely J&M

Hi Judie, ….We have sadly arrived home, having had the adventure of a lifetime in New York. ….We cannot thank you enough for the amazing experience which was so perfectly fitting for us. You have given us a memory that we will never forget and we have you to thank for making it so special and personal. ….We have some wonderful photographs to remember our day and the boys had an amazing time and I’m proud of their behaviour and involvement in it all. ….Once again, thank you so much. We will never forget our wonderful time at Gapstow Bridge and treasure it forever, A and H

Hello Judie….We just wanted to say a great big thank you…..Our ceremony was so special….Your words of wisdom and the help with our vows was very much appreciated . We could not have been happier with our ceremony at sunrise ! We are now back in Scotland . Family and friends are thrilled for us. D and I are so happy to be married at last ,and really looking forward to living the rest of our lives as Mr & Mrs L….It was great to meet you. Kind Regards And a big Scottish hug from us!! D&P Xxxxx

Hi Judie! I just wanted to reach out and thank you for taking part in our special day! It was a pleasure meeting and working with you! The ceremony was beautiful! We had an unforgettable day and you were a part of that! Thank you for everything!! 🙂

Hi Judie, P and I are back in Ireland and we just wanted to thank you for performing our wedding ceremony. It was a really special and personal experience for us and that was thanks to you. It was an amazing day and we will treasure the memories. Thank you again, P&P

Hello there Judie, With all the excitement of our trip to NY and our wedding I am not sure if I have taken the time to thank you properly? We were both so pleased with the way our wedding day turned out and we wanted to thank you for being such an integral part of it. Your presence is one that is very calming (something I certainly needed) and so genuine. The ceremony was beautiful and despite being very public we felt it was the intimate ceremony we both wanted….We want to thank you for respecting all of our wishes for our wedding day and for delivering the official part of it in a really lovely way. You have a gift to share with others and we both felt that we would never have found anyone more suitable to take part in our day, so a huge thank you from both M and myself….We have returned home now and we are already dreaming of a return to NYC in the near future. M and I are dedicated to providing a stable, loving home for all of our children and look forward to many years together as husband and wife. Once again, we sincerely thank you for everything. Our wedding day is very memorable and special to us both and we appreciate the role you played in making it so. Warm regards…M&J

Judie – You did an awesome job with our ceremony on New Year’s Eve! You brought so much beautiful light and positive energy to our special event….Thank you for everything and Happy New Year! A&S

Good evening Judie…..Thank you so much once again for your services this afternoon. It was a truly wonderful day, made all the better because of your involvement. We loved your poise, helpfulness and charm. Your tone of voice, quiet and eloquent was something John and I remarked on almost immediately following our departure from Grand Central. You are truly blessed with a wonderful talent for putting people at ease….. Thank you again and best of luck in the future….. Blessings…. J and J

Hi Judie – We want to say Thank You for our perfect ceremony, the most important day in our lives. I read great reviews about you online as we looked to find just the right person to officiate. We are so glad that we connected with you. Not only did you make it simple for us through the planning process, but you made it so relaxing on our special day……December 12, 2014 is a new anniversary for us. We have enjoyed 25 years together as a committed couple, but our recent marriage is now recognized where we live. Thank you again for being a part of a day that means so much to us! Thank you again, C and R

Hi Judie We just wanted to drop you a line or two to thank you for everything last week. We had a wonderful day after saying our goodbyes to you in the park following our ceremony and the rest of our stay in New York was simply the best, leaving us with so many wonderful memories at the start of our married life. We wanted to thank you for braving the cold at such an early hour and for making our ceremony so special, it was a privilege to meet you and we are particularly grateful for the way you made us and the whole ceremony feel so relaxed but with such meaning. Take care and thank you once again. Warmest Regards D & S

Hi Judie We just want to thank you for our perfect ceremony in Shakespeare Garden, Central Park NY. It was better than we ever imagined. We watch the video regularly and love the words that were chosen, the way you read them out were clear with charm and elegance with a huge smile the whole way through. Not knowing what to expect living in the UK and not meeting with you until the ceremony – you kept us in the loop at all times via email, put our minds at rest and this followed through with the excellent service in which we relieved. I can not recommend you highly enough – you can see the passion and enjoyment in what you do which makes it even more special. Thanks again for helping to make our wedding day so special and perfect. All the best T& A

Hi Judie, We just want to say thank you for officiating our ceremony this past october. Our wedding day was just like we imagined. The ceremony was beautiful, more than we could have even wished! The words you said really touch our hearts. This day will be forever in our mind. Thank you one again, I wish you a beautiful holiday season filled with love and great food!

Hi Judie….Thank you so much for doing our ceremony yesterday. We had a magical day and thanks to your inspirational words, it will be forever in our minds and hearts! Again thanks for coming in and it was a pleasure to meet you…..Thanks, A+B

Hi Judie…..First of all, huge apologies for not e-mailing you sooner! I meant to e-mail soon after we got back, and between one thing and another, it just went out of my head – apologies again….. My e-mail really is to say ‘Huge Thank You’ for marrying myself and Pat! 🙂 It was a real pleasure to finally meet you, and I’m sorry I didn’t get to speak with you more on the day – I was a bit overexcited!! 🙂 But it was a really fabulous time for us, and you being our registrar, with your gorgeous gentle, friendly manner made the day all the more special for us – Thank you x………………… Very best wishes, Jenny and Pat x

Dear Judie….Hope this message will find you well!….I just want to thank you for everything! First of all, thank you so much for patiently waiting for all of us! Secondly, the words you read were very deep and sweet. Everybody mentioned how wonderful you were dear Judie…..Thank you so much again, we were very pleased to have you perform this special ceremony. Everything was incredible, except Jamil and I being little nervous :)….Below I have attached some photos you may like :)….and I will definitely recommend you to my friends who might be getting married soon….Thank you dear Judie….K

Hi Judie….I just wanted to thank you for officiating our ceremony. It was such a pleasure to have met you and have you a part of our special day! You were so gracious and kind. Thank you for your patience and understanding. ….I truly am grateful for all of your help over the past four weeks leading up to our big day! Your readings and execution of our choice readings were perfect! We couldn’t have asked for a better person to guide us through this point of Union in our lives…..Wishing you all the best…J and D

Hi Judie…We wanted to take a moment to thank you again for making our wedding ceremony so wonderful. We were all amazed by your reading. You somehow touched on what seemed like every aspect of our lives together; I don’t think that it could have been more perfect. We just can’t thank you enough for everything you did. It was amazing!! We’re so glad that we found you and that you were available!! You helped give us the perfect wedding day!….Thanks again!!!! C& J

Hi Judie and Liam, We hope you are both well and surviving the cold weather!….We would just like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for the parts you both played in making our wedding day so special! Sitting down to write this its hard to capture in words how special our day was. Since we have been back so many people have asked how it was and I just don’t feel words do it any justice. How do you describe such an incredibly special moment….Judie, thank you for all your help organising, especially from a distance!! It was so stress free! Thank you for your beautiful words at our ceremony! The whole ceremony exactly what we wanted and even more than we could have ever imagined! Thank you! As a side note we received our New York Wedding Certificate in the mail about 2 weeks ago and that is enough here for me to legally change my name. Thank you for your prompt action on handing that in to City Hall!….Liam the pictures are AMAZING! We look at them and we get transported back to those very moments in time! We had a blast in the streets of Soho with you!…We would be delighted to recommend you both to anyone! Should any potential couples want to speak with people you have married we would be more than happy to share our fabulous experience!….Massive thank you to you both for everything!…Wishing you both the very best!…Regards K&S

Thank you again for a wonderful ceremony yesterday. Our friends were so impressed with your ceremony…they were certain that we had written what we wanted you to say since it seemed so perfect. Your ability to take the small amount of information that I sent and make it so personal in nature is a real gift and we thank you very much. You helped to make our 30th and our wedding so special….All the best to you, Steve and Tracy

Hi Judy!….We are finally back to reality after our wedding weekend in NY and then our reception in Florida and then our week long vacation after that. I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you so very much for putting together the ceremony for Charlie and I. It couldn’t have been more perfect for us. I knew right away when I found your website that you were the person to officiate our wedding and I couldn’t have been more correct. The words you chose made it seem like you’ve known us for many years and it was truly special. Your kind nature made us feel at ease from the very first emaill we exchanged to the actual wedding day ceremony. Your professional attitude and prompt response to every question we had prior to our wedding made us feel comfortable and enabled us to just enjoy the day knowing that you would be be there ready and on time. Plus on top of that Liam was just as gracious and accommodating. We are looking forward to seeing the pictures! I couldn’t stop talking about the two of you to our friends at home and if any of them plan on having a ceremony in NY I highly recommended the combination of the two of you to make their wedding day special……Thank you again for officiating our wedding. It was a magical day for us and we appreciate the two of you for doing a great job…..All the best. Dennis

Dear Judie and Liam….Thank you so very much for performing and capturing our beautiful marriage. We were blessed to be treated with such kindness and respect. Judie, the words you spoke during our ceremony rang true to the both of us and were very inspirational. Thank you for providing such a loving tone for the day. Liam, your photographs are amazing! We are beyond impressed and satisfied with each shot. Thank you for being so patient with us and allowing our family to tag-along! Our wedding day was the best day in each of our lives. Thank you for all you did to make that possible….With much respect and gratitude….Erica and Heather

Dear Judie…..I am writing to thank you for conducting the wedding ceremony for me and Y.Y. yesterday. It was an amazing experience and such a beautiful memory, being wedded on a tram in front of friends and strangers, overlooking the river. <Date> really couldn’t have been more magical!…..And thank you for having been so responsive and professional during the entire process. It was very assuring and we knew we were in good hands! And we would definitely recommend your service to any friends who wants to be wedded in NY……Last but not least, Merry Christmas and happy holidays!…..Cheers J&Y

Dear Judie, …..Today, at 3pm at Rockefeller Center, you made a dream come true for two of the most important people in my life. I can’t let the day go by without saying thank you. …..Grayson and I had the privilege of being married by you this year on New Year’s Day in Bryant Park. When Carter Skinner and Chapman Williams told us they had decided to elope in NYC as well, of course, we knew you would be a perfect fit! ….Carter and Chapman came into our lives a few years ago and immediately embraced us with their love, humor and generosity. In the time since, we have even become neighbors. I do not have the words to properly express how kind these men are, how generous, how caring and intelligent. They gladly give of their time, their wallet and their hearts. They are two of the very best human beings we have ever had the pleasure of knowing……Finally, after 22 years together, their commitment is recognized by their place or worship and today, they had their union recognized by the state of New York. In no small part thanks to you! I want you to know how very much it means to them and to all of us that love them. …”Thank you” is just not big enough to express how grateful we are. Thank you for giving us EXACTLY what we wanted and for making this possible for Carter and Chapman. They adored you and so do we 🙂 ….Happy Holidays!…Megan

-Dear Judie-….Bob and I are so glad that we were able to have you perform our service on October 21st. Holding the ceremony at our lovely hotel suite with our special New York friends was just the intimate, simple and personal event we hoped it would be. The civil ceremony you selected along with our chosen poem was perfectly suited to our wishes. We felt so many emotions that day but at the end we were just happy and wanted to send you this little note of thanks…..-Gary & Bob-

Judie provided excellent service from the moment we contacted her but she really blew us away at the ceremony. She spoke about us, and our lives together for 34 years, as though she’d known us forever. It was as if she could somehow see into our past and predict our future. And, it was all from memory–no notes! That was very impressive. We highly recommend Judie. We handed her the challenge of marrying us in front of the Cyclone roller coaster at Coney Island, and she handled that perfectly. We will always cherish our wedding day for her thoughtful words. A big thank you to Judie! –A+P

Judie,……Thank you for creating the most personal, touching yet upbeat marriage ceremony we have ever witnessed. The fact it was ours made it that much special. Your words touched all our hearts…..We will sing your praises via social media and other avenues. Thank you again…..We are trying to fly out of JFK before the storm hits. Wish us luck!…..Eternally grateful, Leland and Leif

SMALL WORLD!!! By the way – you and Liam were AMAZING. Willie and I cannot thank you enough!…A couple of our friends also married in NewYork City at Grand Central and YOU MARRIED THEM! Mark & Joecelyn Z…! We were both posting photos on facebook from our trip and I mentioned a dynamic duo that married us and took our photographs and she asked who it was and she said you married them also! Super small world! :)…..Thanks again for making our day so special – we can’t wait to see the photos! Happy New Year!

Hello Judie and Liam,…..We just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful experience you both shared with us. I am so grateful for you both. I was so worried it would be a nightmare, but you two are so sweet, and made our experience so comfortable and memorable…..We can’t wait to see the wonderful photos Liam took! Again, thank you both for everything! ….With love, Mark & Joecelyn

Hope you’re both still enjoying the holidays in NYC! We had an AMAZING trip and wedding! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts…it was delivered in such a lovely manner, we couldn’t have imagined it being any more beautiful and romantic! It was the perfect day that we will take with us forever! We felt as though we’ve known you both for much longer than just a few minutes or hours! You are such lovely people and we wish you all the best in the New Year!..T+J

Judie, we can’t thank you enough!! Our ceremony was so beautiful, more than we could have even wished! Everyone was raving all night about how perfect your words were, and how beautifully you delivered them. Again, thank you so much for helping us begin the new chapter of our life together. All our best, Carly and Bekky

Hi Judie! We just wanted to thank you for giving us such a lovely ceremony and making it so special. You are very gifted with what you do and we were lucky to find you. We wish you all the best! Sincerely, David & Margot

Hi Judie, Hope all is well. We already received the marriage license. Thank you for officiating at our wedding and helping make our day special. We received so many compliments on the ceremony. Someone commented that it felt like a fairy tale because of your story like voice. Thanks again! And we wish you all the best. Best, Serena

I just wanted to send you a quick message to say what a joy it was for you to officiate at our wedding. After the chaos of the day before, you were a calm presence and your ceremony was written with complete understanding of us, it was so beautiful. You were so understanding also of the children interrupting the ceremony to be cuddled and calmed etc and this really put us all at ease. All my family thought you were so lovely and conducted the ceremony with such dignity. Thank You again Judie- you made our wedding so special. All the best Kelly and Kingsley

Thank you again Judie for the most perfect ceremony ever imagined and tailored to a couple you only new via email. So special. And thank you Liam for killer beatufull photos that bring smiles laughter and tears when ever they are viewed! Youade our wedding an enforgetable day! K & A

Just a note to let you know how happy we are and how much we enjoyed our ceremony with you and Liam. Your heartfelt words underscored our joy and the photographs are simply beautiful. Warm regards, MB +T

Just wanted to give you another quick round of thanks for helping make our day so incredible! You words were so beautiful! And you looked beautiful as well!!! As soon as we get the pics from the photographer I’ll be sure to send you copies for you to use. Also, when we return from the honeymoon we’d love to send along a glowing review. Should I just email it to you or are there sites that you would like me to post them on? Please let me know because I definitely want to sing your praises! Thanks again!!

Thank you so much for a perfect wedding ceremony! Your writing was fantastic! I’m amazed at the way your weaved in and out of the spiritual tone towards a lighter one. I belly-laughed several times – which is what I was hoping for. Doug and I received several compliments on your service! I’m so happy that we found you — you really made our day special!

Just wanted to say one more big THANK YOU!! for everything. Our ceremony was absolutely perfect; I don’t think we could have asked for anything better. We’re still in awe of how personal you were able to make the ceremony, without ever meeting us in person; it seemed like you had known us for years. Below is the link to the video Jonathan put together for us– check it out and feel free to share it! Thanks again for being part of an incredible weekend. We are truly blessed.

Thank you so much for the wonderful ceremony. I was a little speechless afterward, and couldn’t really express myself, but it was really lovely. We were just so happy to have decided to do our own thing and have a nice stress-free private ceremony, and we didn’t think it would be so personal, sweet, and just to our taste…..I’m just so glad that you happened onto this profession. I feel that you really understood us, and what we wanted without us even realizing it in just a few short emails…..Again, thank you so much! We really had a beautiful day, and you were a big part of that. And, our families were shocked, but very happy for us. Julia

We just want to let you know once again that we were so happy that you were able to perform our private cermony between my husband and myself. The words that moved me to tears becuase it has been a long time coming. You joined our family into one and hope when we perform within the next two years a bigger celebration and hope you can perform our cermony. Thank You So Much Judie

Judie and Liam, J and I can never fully thank you for creating what was to us the perfect day. It went beyond what we could imagine in terms of simplicity,beauty and joy. In no small part because of the lovely ceremony and photos. Thank you. We are eternally grateful. Fondly J+J

Today was our “six-monthiversary”, so I thought I’d venture onto your website to reminisce. I really enjoyed thinking back to that memorable (and cold!) day in Central Park. Thanks again for everything y’all did…it couldn’t have gone any better…the ceremony was fantastic, and the pictures were amazing. Thank you for being a part of one of the most special days of our lives. Best Regards, Chad

Dear Judie & Liam, Firstly, let me apologise for the lateness of this message; getting back to ‘everyday’ life has been a blur after such an incredible week.

We would both like to thank you, Judie, for such an insightful and meaningful ceremony. The words you spoke were so lovely & we will carry them with us. Neither of us like to be out in front of people, but you put us at ease & made sure we were comfortable with where everbody was stood before we began. This would seem like such a little thing to an outsider, but to someone who isn’t great in front of crowds, even small one’s, it meant we could take a breath & relax and we thank you so much for that. Liam, the photographs you took were beautiful. You have captured the joy of the first few minutes of being married, and that is something I didn’t think you could see on film. You made us feel so comfortable, & indeed the whole wedding party with your patience & kind nature, that you were able to capture that in our photos. We are so grateful to have met you both, Kindest Wishes, Amy & Rich

Thank you so much for your amazing presence at our wedding on Saturday. It was so beautiful thanks to you and your kind and moving words. Liam, you were so patient and creative with your ideas, we can’t wait to see the photos! Thank you both so much for making our wedding so special. Thank you so much!!!!

Thank you very much! We had the perfect day, thanks to the two of you. Everything was just amazing. Thanks for all the care you put into our ceremony and photos. You are a real blessing.

I would like to thank you from the bottom of mine and Jake’s heart for the amazing day you helped achieve on May 8th 2011. Our “special day” couldn’t have gone more perfect, and please let Liam know the photos are AMAZING! We absolutley adore them and are very happy. Your prelude and reading was so beautiful and perfect and you captured our thoughts and love in such a creative way. Thank you.

We can’t thank you enough! You did such a wonderful job and made the event very special. It’s wonderful that you are able to provide such caring ceremonies to fit the needs and backgrounds of so many people.

Thank you for the link to the pictures – they all look fantastic. It was a nice surprise to come back to after the long journey back from Jamaica!

Mark and I would just like to say a big thank you to both you and Liam for making our special day so memorable and helping us to relax and enjoy it. It truly was amazing and we both agree that we wouldn’t have done it any other way. Everything was just how we wanted it; low-key and intimate…aside from the odd spectator! Add to that the glorious weather and we really couldn’t ask for anything more so thank you both so much.

Dear Judie, How can we thank you for our beautiful ceremony one week ago? Words cannot express how happy we were with the reading, the poem and YOU!! You have a gift and thank you for sharing it with us and all your other couples. The first day of spring could not have had a better beginning for us. You made our ceremony so special and meaningful. We have been talking about you all week and singing your praises.

Also, a big thank you to Liam. You made us feel so comfortable with the photo shoot. Going to Bryant Park with the daffodils blooming was incredible. We had a great time and enjoyed ourselves. Thank you both for making our day. It was better than we ever imagined. It was perfect for us! Warm regards, Linda and Bob

Hi Judie and Liam, We received the pictures – WOW – they are great! Thank you so very much for the beautiful ceremony and gorgeous pictures. You have given us memories we will cherish forever.We received many compliments afterwards – our friends felt that you got us to a tee. Everything was heartfelt yet light hearted and fun which was very fitting. We were lucky to come across your website and even luckier that you both were available. Thanks again! Cheers!

Judie, Thank you for such a wonderful ceremony.. You far exceeded everything I could have imagined my wedding ceremony being and I am still getting emails from people asking for copies of the Readings and Vows you read cause they were so honestly true and “grasped” the entire point of marriage.. You will always be a part of our lives, thoughts and memories, thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. Sincerely, Blair & Pat

Thank you so much for a perfect wedding ceremony! Your writing was fantastic! I’m amazed at the way your weaved in and out of the spiritual tone towards a lighter one. I belly-laughed several times – which is what I was hoping for. Doug and I received several compliments on your service! I’m so happy that we found you — you really made our day special!

Hi Judie! I just wanted to take a moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart for officiating our wedding two weeks ago. Your words touched everyone; seemed like everyone present was teary-eyed! My family and my in-laws couldn’t stop raving about you! “Does she know you??” “How did you find her??” They were amazed. Matt and I were too; it really felt like you knew us and you really made us feel special. (Also, thank you so much for pronouncing my name correctly… people have said it wrong my ENTIRE LIFE and I really appreciated that you got it right!!) We will never forget you. Also please thank Liam for his wonderful photographs. I can imagine that as a photographer, one hour is not a very long time, and especially with so many people walking around, it’s hard to get the “good shot.” But Liam accomplished this many times over, and we LOVED his work. Thanks to both of you! Alanna & Matt

Hi Judie and Liam, Hiroko and I have finally had a moment to catch up on things and wanted to send you a huge thanks!! We couldn’t have asked for better weather and a more perfect evening. As a musician I have played lot’s of ceremonies over the years and you were exactly what we were looking for. You put us at ease and everybody just loved your original readings. You are a fantastic writer!!! And Liam, thanks for going the extra mile after the ceremony! We did have the perfect sunset off of Battery Park and we really look forward to seeing the Photos!! Thanks again to both of you and we will always remember our perfect evening!! Hiroko and Geoffrey

Trudi G. says: I’ve been following Judie’s blog for sometime now and I knew that she had to be the officiant for our ceremony. Judie showed up on time and was ready to go. Her words captured our relationship and made us smile uncontrollably. As someone who has anxiety, I still cannot believe how relaxed I was during the ceremony. It truly set the tone for the rest of the evening. Judie’s blog will be on my reader for a long time to come. Thank you SO much, Judie!

Belinda R. says: We were blown away by Judie’s ceremony which she created for us and officiated on 30th December. It was – just perfect. Thank you so much for making the service everything we wanted and more 🙂

Amy C. says: Judie did a fantastic job with our ceremony on 2/12. I’m amazed at how she was able to capture the essence of our relationship and put it in our ceremony after only having exchanged a handful of emails with us! She was on time, professional and courteous. A truly wonderful experience, and I’d recommend her to anyone.

Dana G. says: Judie and Liam are kind and warm people that made us feel at ease immediately. They were professional and just amazing. The ceremony that Judie planned for us was so on point it was as if she has known us for years! We couldn’t be happier!!

Vasily G. says: Judi was perfect! Exceeded all expectations! Thank you for making our day even more special! A wonderful combination of wisdom and humor to kick off our ceremony!!

Lauren L. says: Judie & Liam are amazing! I could not ask for anything more. The ceremony was as I asked for, sweet & to the point. Liam Is an amazing photographer & picked beautiful spots around The Ladies’ Pavilion. The planning was so easy & pricing was very reasonable. I highly recommend these two amazing people. Both very sweet & professional. Thank you so much for my perfect wedding!

Dannielle C. says: Judie and Liam were fantastic. Judie kept in touch through out the wedding planning process and was quick to answer any questions I had. The actual wedding day ended up rather hectic and freezing and they both rolled with the punches and gave us both a beautiful and funny at the same time. Despite how unpleasant the day could have seemed, they managed to keep it fun and not curse the days we were born for making them come to Coney Island on the coldest/windiest day we’ve had this month. Thank you!

Erica V. says: Judie and Liam were outstanding! Such sweet and warm people, they truly made us feel special and comfortable. Liam’s ability to guide us around for the perfect shots and Judie’s personal touches she incorporated into the ceremony made for a day we will never forget. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We are so grateful for your exceptional service.

Anna T. says: Judie was so helpful with replying to my many many emails in the run up. Our ceremony under the arches in bethesda terrace in Central park with the rain pouring down behind us was kinda magical. Highly highly recommended!

Robyn H. says: Judie and Liam were an absolute dream to work with and made our wedding day extraordianary. We appreciate all of their attention to detail and friendly professionalism, even with the last minute weather related changes! We highly recommend them to personalize and emphasize your special day.

Patricia M. says: Perfect! Perfect seems like a very small word to express such a wonderful experience. Judie was an absolute pleasure to work with. She is warm, charming, professional, flexiable, and has a lovely voice and beautiful smile. Our ceremony was very personal, filled with joy and laughter, and included all of us, making it a true celebration of family. Central Park, sunshine, love, joy, laughter and family-Perfect! Pictures- Liam is all smiles and flexiablity! The pond and castle, garden, horse and buggy- We look forward to sharing the photos of our very special day. It was a wonderful experience all around. To Judie and Liam- We thank you for making our day so wonderful- The New Milk Family

Shirley C. says: Judie and Liam are so understanding and professional! The way Judie incorporated our history into the ceremony was absolutely beautiful. Judie and Liam share their amazing gifts with couples they marry and truly are a blessing! Our ceremony was short, sweet and exactly what we had hoped for. North Forest Park in Kew Gardens is absolutely beautiful too! Thank you for making our dream come true! -S & C

Shauna V. says: I first contacted Judie about 8 months from our wedding date. She was very patient and helpful in helping us decide/plan how to make our day special. She has an amazing gift for words, as our ceremony was beautifully written with a personal and meaningful touch. Liam has an amazing way of makig you feel comfortable in front of the camera…and after seeing his talent on the blog I can’t wait to see our pics!! Together, Judie and Liam are a dynamic duo who are kind, compassionate, and talented. I am grateful to have found them for our wedding day. Thank you Judie and Liam!

William D. says: I thought our wedding would be a challenge as we are a same sex couple that has been together for 20 years. The affair was held in our home with just a few family and friends present. Although we wanted some traditional touches, we did not want a copy of a traditional wedding. Judie got it just right. Not only were her words perfect, but she found the perfect emotional pitch: joyful and meaningful without any artificial sentimentality. She has a very genuine presence, gracious and generous, that makes her very effective in the role of officiant. I highly recommend her. She makes the practical arrangements easy and will listen for your needs and meet them!

Quinn x. says: Our wedding was so beautiful. Judie and Liam were truly amazing at what they do. Judie wrote and read out the most heartfelt words at our special ceremony with a hint of humor. She captured the story of our relationship with full emotions which was as if we were living our love story all over again that it brought tears to our eyes. She was amazing and very organized. Liam was absolutely creative and captured the moments of our special day with such professionalism. He took lots of our photos embracing every joy and happiness that we were feeling. He never stopped snapping us both! They were both very patient, warm, friendly and always had a big smile. We would love to have them renew our vows again in the future. We would highly recommend Judie and Liam to anyone who would like to have their wedding ceremony in New York. You will not be disappointed! A truly magical experience. THANK YOU JUDIE and LIAM. You both are a star! x

Oh Judie, thank you so very much for the absolutely beautiful wedding ceremony ! We were so thrilled with how everything turned for our Central Park wedding, and wouldn’t change a thing ! We appreciate all of the advice you gave us to help figure out the logistics beforehand, meeting us out in the cold so we could have the ceremony outside, and the way you pieced together our story of the “Nation of Two” was so touching and just meant so much to us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts !!

Hi Judie! We just want to thank you for everything you did for us during the wedding! We have now been married for almost 4 months and cant be more happy! In june we are waiting our fist baby too!

Dear Judie, Thank you so much for being our Officiant at our Wedding. We enjoyed the marriage ceremony you performed for us. Our honeymoon in New York was wonderful. We both wish you the best and you will come highly recommended to friends and family. Luckily, everything went well with the Hamburg Clerks Office, we are now officially married in Germany, too. It would be great, if you could sent us the Wedding Speech and the lovely poem you declaimed for us. Best Regards, Brit & Arne

Judie, Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful ceremony for Thomas and myself. I can not tell you how happy the two of us are to start our life together. We will never forget what took place in your office and New York is now our second home. Please thank Liam for the video. The two of you are beautiful people. Thanks again, Amanda

Dear Judie, Thank you again for provide a personal service to us in a rush elope. We had a beautiful and fun day and were really happy that you were taking the ceremony, my parents and they friends were able to see us online in Australia via the Bryant Park webcam. They had an Australia breakfast party.We will send you a link to view the photos and a video slideshow from Snapfish. Have a happy January! With kind regards, Jane and Rob

Judie and Liam, Thank you so much for all you did for us, your devotion and attention to detail really made all the difference on such a haphazard day. Our wedding day was a reflection of our true selves – quirky and full of mishaps – but you just rolled with it and adapted to each setback with such a calm and pleasant demeanor. We couldn’t have asked for a more pleasant and beautiful day. Or one that was more honest and representative of our relationship. I loved every freezing minute of it, both times you married us that day. Yesterday, we received our Marriage Certificate back in the mail, less than 7 days after getting married on a holiday weekend. Wow. That is a true testament to your professionalism!! I have been singing your praises to anyone who will listen, and I wish you and your ministry all the success, love and blessings that you truly deserve. Thank you once again, Jenique & Eric-Jon

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! The pictures are absolutely perfect! You are a very talented photographer and we are very lucky to have found you!! You and Judie made our wedding day more perfect than we imagined it could be! Could I possibly get an address for the two of you so we can send a token of our appreciation?? Thank you again! Daisy Benz:)

Dear Judie and Liam, We received Liam’s pictures and they were so beautiful!! Thank you very much. We really appreciate your great work and very pleasant attitude. We wish you both a very happy holiday season and much success in coming year! Best Wishes, Johnny and Mika

Judie & Liam~ John and I were both THRILLED with absolutely everything about our wedding ceremony…thanks to both of you! It was perfect and neither of us could believe that we felt such a familiar connection with two people we’d just met. Judie, you had no way of knowing that Maya Angelou is my FAVORITE author and as close to a hero as I have ever had. The reading you chose was simply brilliant and so apropos for the occassion.

Liam, if your photography skills are as fine-tuned as your ability to put your “subjects” at ease, I’m certain the pictures will be stunning. Truly, your gentle sense of humor and unobtrusive direction, made the whole picture-taking process a great deal of fun. If John and I can ever do anything to support the fine work you do (aside from making referrals to anyone we know who is getting married in NY), please let us know. We’d be thrilled to share our experience with prospective clients or anyone who might be curious about the services you offer. Have a wonderful holiday season! Warmly~ Kimberly

Kevin and I just wanted to say thank you again for such a perfect ceremony. We both commented several times about how kind and warm you both were. Your kindness helped us to not only be relaxed and at ease, but allowed us to focus on each other and just enjoy the day. And the pictures are just fantastic! We could not have imagined that they would turn out so well! The day really exceeded all of our expectations. It could not have been more perfect! Thank you again, we would not change one thing about our special day! Sincerely, Kathy and Kevin

Hi Judie! I feel like the rudest person in the world! I cannot believe I didn’t have a chance to talk to you and thank you for the PERFECT ceremony. Bob and I could not have asked for a more perfect day and you were one of the reasons why it was so perfect. Thank you so much. You are so kinda and really helped me (who as you know was so nervous to be up in front of everyone) feel comfortable throughout the ceremony.

All of our friends and family were very impressed and talked you up throughout the dinner/reception. We will 100% recommend your services to all of our friends. Also, if there is anywhere on your website that we can write a little testimony we are more than happy to. Again, I am so sorry I didn’t get a chance to thank you in person. Bob and I are so lucky to have found you on such short notice. Thank you again. We will most definitely remember that day for the rest of our lives. B+C Z

Thank you both so much for everything. Our entire weekend was so much more than we could ever have hoped for! Judie, you were so patient and helpful and went above and beyond with the emails. And Liam…wow! What can I say? Nobody ever gets Ray to smile, and I’m usually the most uncooperative model when he points his camera at me, so I can’t believe the outstanding job that you did! Thanks too for the same day shots you gave us to use for the reception. We were able to use a nice matted print at the party instead of a guest book and everyone loved it. I can’t thank you both enough–and we’re both delighted that you made our day so much more special. Amy & Ray

Judie and Liam, Thank you for making our wedding so easy and memorable. Judie, you were so thoughtful and quickly responded to all our inquiries. Liam, we may not have been the most photogenic couple, yet you did wonders! I cannot imagine our wedding done any differently. Thank you so, so much! Kristel & John

Thank you again for such a wonderful and perfect wedding! I saw that some of our photos are up, and they are lovely. I tried to post a comment but it did not go through. Do feel free to write anything about us – should the urge strike you. Rick & I met over a decade ago in NYC, and then had not seen each other for over ten years. We kept in touch throughout the years and last summer I flew to St. Louis to see him for the first time. – A short (4 day) visit turned into us deciding to spend our life together. The fact that we were able to come back to the city where we met, and marry by the Castle is astonishing! And the two of you made that possible. Thank you for the best day of our life! Catherine & Rick

Hi Judie! Just wanted to thank you for everything you did for us and for giving a beautiful ceremony. Everyone loved it and it was everything we could have asked for and more. I am so glad that I found you and decided to go with you for the ceremony (and seeing you perform the ceremony has inspired me even more to try to become a Celebrant)……..Coll

Dear Judie, this is Laura and Steven, you married us on the 6th October in Central Park. We sent you only recently a thank you card but in case we sent to the wrong place (it was withouth post code, it seems as an office ), we wanted to make sure again we would thank you for being very lovely and professional! you will always be important for us because of that particular time in our life We take the chance to wish you a very happy xmas and all the best for the future!love, Laura and Steven Sparks

We wanted to thank you again for the outstanding job you did for us. We appreciate that you made us feel entirely comfortable throughout our day and that you considered all of our input and gave us yours as well. We love the pictures and still hear our family talk about the beautiful words you spoke at our ceremony. We wouldn’t have had it any differently… Kind regards, Tad and Jacqueline

Hi Judie- We are finally back home and we wanted to thank you so much for our beautiful ceremony. It was exactly what we wanted, and we will always remember it! …When we got home, our marriage license was in the mail…Thanks again!

Hi Judie & Liam, Thank you so much! You both made our special day so wonderful, even more so then we ever imagined!! I look forward to seeing all the beautiful photos Liam took. Hope all is well with you both. -Allison & Tommy

Hi Judie –Thank you for taking care of this for us and for performing such a simple, beautiful ceremony. We both feel very lucky to have chosen you to help us on this day.Thanks again, Andrew & Andrea

Thank you so much for all your hard work and for doing our ceremony! We couldn’t be happier with how it turned out, and you did such a wonderful, heartfelt, and fantastic job! It was such a pleasure.

Judie and Liam, Thank you so much for making our wedding wonderful! We really could not have dreamt for more. Your reading of the prologue and vows was excellent, and you both kept us relaxed. We can’t wait to see the pictures. With Many Thanks,Antonio and Sandra

Hi Judie, Thanks very much for this. And thank you so much for our wonderful ceremony. It was such a lovely day, I wish I could go back and do it all again! We got back safe and sound from our honeymoon at the end of last week, and a certificate of registration had already been delivered from the Office of the City Clerk… Many thanks, Susannah

Hi Judie, Liam, I would like to Thank you for a wonderful ceremony, even with all the rain and stress of the big day our wedding turned out truly delightful. Thank you for accommodating all the changes and being prompt with your responses. I wish you all the best for the future and hope that we can meet again someday. Warm Regards Jibun and Trideep

Judie, THANK YOU!!!! The ceremony today was excellent! everything was just as we invisioned! Thank you so much for making our special day so perfect! Thank you to liam as well for his patience and skill. We are looking forward to seeing the pictures. Thank you again! Andrew

Mike and I wanted to thank you for all of the time and effort you put into our wedding, which we felt was beyond our hopes. We loved the ceremony, as did our friends and families, and everything was just lovely. I’m sure you have helped a lot of couples through planning weddings, but if we can help you in any way (other than recommending you to our friends, which we have), please let us know… xx Aruni

Hi Judie! Thanks for the copy of the license. Once again I want to thank you for the absolutely wonderful ceremony. Your words resonated deep in me. You captured the spirit of our union. Hugs Edin

Petr and I are still glowing from our wedding! It isn’t so often in life that you are able to live out your dreams. Petr and I feel so fortune to have been able to live out ours. Our wedding was fantastic and the ceremony was powerful, short and sweet. We can’t thank you enough of the time and effort you put into your script, meeting with us and then sticking around afterwards to take pictures. Thank you thank you thank you. It was everything we could had dreamed it would be and we are so grateful to you for your time and effort. You made all our dreams come true! Best, Petr and Shirvahna

I apologize for taking so long to write this e-mail but life has been crazy lately. Thank you so very much for marrying us! The ceremony was absolutely amazing and everything we wanted it to be. So many people have contacted us expressing how much they enjoyed our ceremony. You did an amazing job! We feel so fortunate to have met and worked with you. Thank you again for performing our ceremony and helping us begin our journey together as a married couple. We are happier then ever as husband and wife. Thank you so much. Take care, we will keep in touch. Best wishes always, Mr. & Mrs. Jaworski “Meg & Jerry”

You did a fantastic job today!. Your sensitivity, sincerity and sweetness really came shining through. Emily and I would love to keep in touch with you! All the best, Dean

I just wanted to thank you for the being the officiant for our wedding. It was an amazingly beautiful day, and we received the license in the mail the day we got back to Miami. I wonder if we’ll pop up on YouTube. Strangers video taping and photographing us, someone even stopped us as we were leaving the park if we really just got married. It was incredibly romantic! Thanks again -Gina

William and I want to thank you for yesterday. You performed such a beautiful ceremony- it was really perfect for us and we had a great time doing it. All of us were impressed with your writing and the amount of work that you put into preparing the ceremony for us. Truly, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being such a huge part of the happiest day of our lives. Sincerely, Mollie & William

Lesa and I wanted to send you our sincerest thanks to you and your husband. Your ceremony was absolutely wonderful. Our small group commented repeatedly how well the ceremony went. It was the perfect tone/content/delivery. You really did make our day special. I don’t know exactly how it works with local wedding celebrants, but should a recommendation every be needed, please let us know and we would enthusiastically attest to your abilities. You seem to have a gift. Sincerely, Anthony and Lesa

Just a quick note to thank you again. Taryn and I, as well as our families, loved the ceremony. As we stood facing each other holding hands, we both fought back the tears until we were relieved by the portion about our quirks during which we both just had to look at each other and laugh a little because we feel we’re sometimes all quirks. We appreciated you professionalism and commitment to the study and practice of the ceremony. Best regards, Kevin & Taryn

We just wanted to thank you for performing such a wonderful ceremony yesterday. We were kind of swept up in the moment and didn’t get to express our gratitude as much as we would have liked after the ceremony. We’re sure you’re used to such situations, but wanted to be sure that you know how much we appreciate all that you have done for us. Our wedding was just as we hoped it would be, largely due to your wonderful ceremony. Thanks again! Take care, Shannon and Dan

Hi Judie-We just returned from our mini-honeymoon on Cape Cod. I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to speak to you after the ceremony as I got tied up with the guests. I just wanted to thank you for your beautiful ceremony- you really captured our personalities and made it fun and lighthearted. My mother thought WE wrote the ceremony because it was so personal to us! That’s a real testament to your wonderful writing. Thanks again for making our wedding so memorable. Hope you made it off the boat before that storm rolled in:)Best Wishes- Karin

Hi Judie, I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you so very much for a lovely day. It really was perfect – we remember the ceremony as being beautiful but also we were grinning from ear to ear the whole time, which is just what we wanted – a simple, meaningful wedding that was also fun and stress-free. I suppose the only thing that concerned us about an elopement-style ceremony is that it could have felt like a quick stamp-and-sign affair, but both of us felt it was perfect and lovely. And we love Liam’s photos! After the wedding we went for champagne and lunch at the New Leaf which was also awesome. Please feel free to pass my email on to anyone for a recommendation of your services – I suppose the hard part of your business is you don’t get repeat customers, but maybe we’ll see you in twenty years to renew the vows. Enjoy the rest of your busy summer! Susan & Maurizio

If interested in my service as your wedding officiant, please e-mail your wedding place, date, and time to JudieGuild@outlook.com.


  1. Kylene Cortorreal

    My husband and I had initially considered going the court-house route, but a recommendation from our photographer brought our attention to Judie Guild. Deciding to have a private ceremony with you as our officiant was the best decision we could have made! While I didn’t require a lot of guidance throughout the process, you were incredibly responsive whenever I did email you for clarity.

    Your warmth, compassion, and sensitivity truly shone through during our ceremony. It felt special and unique; a radical (but lovely!) departure from our original plan. Judie, you are a true professional and your calm demeanor throughout the ceremony was so helpful in steadying a slight case of nervous energy I felt the day of.

    Thank you so much for a beautiful and magical ceremony! Dan and I can’t thank you enough for your words of wisdom and your warmth. We will both cherish and treasure our wedding day for many years to come.


  2. Michael Hughes

    Mick & Angela Hughes (UK) We can’t recommend Judie highly enough, from the outset her communication was floorless, her knowledge, professionalism as well as her humanity stood out. It was a true joy to have her perform our elopement ceremony on the Brooklyn bridge in NYC on 8th September 2017. Judie thank you so much for making our day extra special with your lovely words. We will always remember you fondly when thinking of our day ‘for as long as we both shall life’s x


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