Wedding Officiant in Brooklyn

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A note from this great couple —

Dear Judie…..We have now been married more than a week and slowly I am beginning to realize what a wonderful thing married life can be…..My English is not so good – I can’t really find the right words to thank you for all you did for us. I want to thank you for your patience. For your soft way to guide us to that beautiful spot. I want you to understand that your words touched us deeply and the way you helped us to see and feel how much we love each other and how important our wish to do well for each other is – and our children and other people we care for and love! Right there and then we knew that we are right for each other…..We have been through so much hardship and so many joyful moments together already and intend to discover life anew again. Together…..Thank you………………..Sincerely J+M

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