Eloping in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel

The Waldorf Astoria recently began steps to turn rooms and suites into condos. Two days before the commencement of their construction project, which is set to last for three years, I enjoyed privilege and pleasure of officiating one last wedding ceremony in this historic, iconic New York hotel. A kind staff member was the pair’s only witness. To sweeten the experience, this couple was especially memorable. Over the course of six years, they endure more trials than many couples face in a life-time. Also, they married on my birthday. In sum, I officiated a profoundly emotional marriage service in an iconic NYC landmark for two great people on my birthday. I love being a wedding celebrant.

Below is a segment from their ceremony:

S+S, you are survivors. You survived health dilemmas. You survived heartbreaks. You survived frustrating obstacles in all of life’s natural and social architecture. Through the agony, you grew stronger as individuals. Your bond evolved and matured. While negotiating trials, both gained a special brand of wisdom. Sympathy and sensitivity belong to you now. And your generous spirits will continue to bring you hope. As you go boating, attend shows, listen to concerts, joke, and walk the dogs, may you recognize and realize the beautiful dreams of joy of the everyday.


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