Fun Wedding on the Bow Bridge


Well before their wedding ceremony on the Bow Bridge, C+K sent along beautiful reflections about their mutual devotion. This enabled me to put together a sweet (and a little sassy) prelude to their personal wedding vows.

K, after twenty years and despite how you may have secretly felt about the nickname, you remain C’s “Pumpkin.” For infinite reasons, he loves you more today than ever. You are ridiculously beautiful. In spite of a seemingly aloof exterior, you are incredibly sentimental. You are woefully inappropriate, and this routinely makes C laugh in the most unfortunate and embarrassing circumstances. Your sharp-tongue and bit of drama make you fiery and therefore passionate. You have no concept of “inside voice,” and C would not want you to develop one. With quick wits, you level the playing field. He does not want you any other way. You provide balance to his life. C absolutely admires your willingness to stand up for yourself — to defend him and others. Through amazing highs and agonizing lows, C’s love for you perseveres. He cannot imagine living each day with anyone else but you. Every day he walks through the door and sees his “Pumpkin” is a gift of joy. K, C works for you and lives for you. With you by his side, he is optimistic. Endlessly devoting his life to you – and Dolly, Ellie, Oprah, and Yogi – is a pleasure and privilege.

C, you protect K when he hurts. You are sympathetic. You feel his pain. You support his decisions. You are K’s rock, his love, and his world. You are his security blanket—his “safe place.” You never depart from K’s side. In all plans do you consider Kevin’s perspective and feelings. No one else has the ability to provide him with such calm, peace of mind. At the same time, you introduce him to new experiences, including Broadway shows. With one step, you light up a room, and K adores your smile. These smiles are deep and true. You genuinely care. You are a giver. Amid a cold crowd, you have heart. In generosity and kindness, you work for such charities as St. Jude’s. When a bad mood or anger drifts across K, you can make him laugh. You are K’s best friend – the one person who truly loves him just for being himself. C, you are K’s world. He cannot imagine a day without you in it.

From C+K:

Hey Judie!

Thank you SOOOOO much for performing our ceremony Monday in Central Park.  We literally loved every minute and Bow Bridge proved to be the perfect setting for our wedding.  And the skyline in the background.  It was breathtaking.

And YOU were amazing.  You crafted our ceremony perfectly and we absolutely loved the way you were able to include our personal reflections and weave in our song, poem, etc.  You were WONDERFUL and you made our day so very special.

K and I spent Tuesday (thanks to the snow), sitting in a cafe, sorting through photos and making this video to share with our friends and family.  As we mentioned, only one person knew we were eloping.  We kept it a complete secret until we were ready to share this . . .

Enjoy!  And THANK YOU again!


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