Fort Tryon Park

I adore Fort Tryon Park.  It is an oasis that involves all facets of NYC.  Located near a cultural institution (the Cloisters), it contains a small garden area, lots of greenery, a hidden structure that looks like church ruins, a cozy, acclaimed restaurant, and fabulous views of both the Hudson River and the urban skyline.  If you are considering a Fall wedding, take note that I married a couple here on Halloween 2009 and decided that if I ever were to renew my vows in the Fall, Fort Tryon Park would be the ideal ceremony site.

Thus, when Kelly and Francois contacted me back in the Fall 2009 for their Spring wedding, I was already glowing with the anticipation of visiting Tryon in the Spring (in the past, I’ve married couples there in the summer and fall only).

For these two lovebirds, Tryon Park had another layer of meaning.  As an interracial couple, they felt the views of the bridge linking Tryon Park, where anyone may play together, and their home in New Jersey supplied an ideal backdrop.

Although Kelly’s father walked her down a rose petal aisle as a violinist played, Francois’ young daughter gave her blessings to the creation of this new marriage.  They requested a moment of reflection to honor those whose struggles and successes made it possible for all interracial couples to celebrate their love openly and an elegant prayer by Marianne Williamson to open the ceremony.  But this wedding was not solemn: this happy couple could not help but giggle with excitement as the ceremony proceeded, especially once Francois’ cousin read from The Little Prince and they exchanged their contemporary vows. After Kelly and Francois exchanged rings with the infinity sign engraved, they began a new tradition to gather in their whole new family.  “You are my sunshine and my rainbow,” Kelly told Francois’ daughter as she gave her a lovely necklace with the infinity symbol also engraved.  We closed with a traditional Catholic prayer.  And then Kelly exclaimed to her new husband and the world: “You’re mine!”

Thank You Card from Kelly and Francois

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