Snug Harbor Cultural Center Wedding

Courtney and Jeff originally planned to elope in California. They grew frustrated quickly when vendors were non-responsive to their elopement plans and their budget mushroomed. Then they noticed the photos on our site from one of weddings in August 2009 at the Snug Harbor Cultural Center — also known as the Staten Island Botanical Gardens. Not so long afterwards, their plans congealed. Like many of our couples, they choose to wed in NYC because getting marred in New York is fun and convenient, as the city offers a long list of different sites and lots of wedding vendors ranging in style.

They opted for a simple ceremony with one special addition. Jeff asked me to read a very memorable, sugary love letter to Courtney just before they exchanged vows. “You strode in like a lioness protecting her pride,” he wrote about their first meeting. The letter continued on to describe how he hoped to take care of her in deep appreciation for all she has given him. Not expecting this show of emotion, smiles covered all of Courtney’s face. She had wanted to keep the ceremony non-cheesy. But, well, weddings are among the few occasions when sappiness easily becomes a warmly welcomed guest, even if the couple does not originally plan to invite it!

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