Eloping in Central Park

Well-educated and kind-hearted Karen and Terry flew out from the Mid-West to elope in Central Park.  Like many of my eloping couples, they planned their wedding.  But I would not quite categorize such affairs as “destination weddings.”  A notable distinction exists between those planning a low-key wedding and those who plan to invite more than two witnesses (usually at least twenty) to travel across states and sometimes countries to celebrate the official start of their marriage. For example, Karen and Terry opted to get married with little pomp and circumstance.  All they did was pick one of my standard ceremonies, invite two close friends, and make travel arrangements.  No special flowers, musicians, and rose petal path required.  For many couples, this is the best way to tie the knot.  Waiting on line (again) at the Clerk’s office is boring and tiresome; the thirty second ceremony and limited hours are also frustrating.  The simplest way to enhance your wedding day is to find a location at which to marry that you find deeply meaningful and moving.  And, no, this does not require spending thousands of dollars.  Parks are free, cafes only requiring purchasing coffee, restaurants are open to quick ceremonies over dinner, sneaking into a landmark is a possibility, and your home, well, it is your home!  For those who treasure the idea of celebrating with lots of guests, you can do that too — at a later date when funds are sufficient or even by inviting all to have drinks and dance later on in the evening.  You can even ask your witness to record the ceremony on a cell phone or real recording device for all to watch.

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