Internet Review from the Past (9/08)

One never knows where testimonials from couples will pop up digitally.  By accident, I came across this note with words of appreciation from one of my couples, Larry and Laurel, who celebrated their love in September 2008 at one of the East Village Community Gardens.

Laurel and Larry's Wedding in New York, NY, USA

Laurel and Larry’s Wedding
New York   |   September, 2008   |   Officiants

“Judie Guild is amazing. Extremely kind and thoughtful, she helped my husband and I create an absolutely lovely and meaningful ceremony that was very “us”. She also helped me corral people together and dispense information at the rehearsal the day before so I didn’t have to be the bossy one! Her prices were much more reasonable than most officiants that we had looked into, and she was extremely diligent about all of the marriage paperwork being signed off and sent in properly.”

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