Cop Cot Wedding

The Cop Cot is an adorable rustic shelter easily accessible from Central Park South and 5th Avenue.  It’s been a few months since I married a couple near here  — the last was actually at a PETA protest in the Fall.  Fortunately, Katie and Ben fell in love with the spot while searching for a niche for their destination wedding in NYC a few months ago.  At first, they planned to elope.  Although they contacted me in the winter for their mid-May “elopement,” much of their wedding day ended up being impromptu.  Not long before the big day, though, both sides of their families decided they were not about to let this couple celebrate their nuptials alone: thus, from Florida and the U.K. they journeyed to New York.  With their busy schedules and the warmly welcomed, but unexpectedly longer guest list, Katie and Ben did not even have time to select vows until less than twenty-four hours before their wedding day!  In fact, with just a few hours to spare, Katie walked into a card store to pick up some flowers.  Still, the catching up on last-minute details helped keep their intimate wedding “sweet and simple,”  which is precisely what they wanted anyway.

Although Katie’s family is religious, they told me afterwards that they thoroughly enjoyed the ceremony.  This should be good news to all those who worry about offending traditional family members: too often, folks forget that if the meaningfulness — the philosophy behind a ceremony — shines through, even many religious folks will still appreciate a civil or Humanistic marriage ceremony.

By the way, the last photo was taken just after the ceremony as Kate, Ben, the photographer, and I toured the Gapstow Bridge area.  Students on a class trip requested a photo with the Bride and Groom and then enthusiastically bequeathed to them well wishes.

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