Community Garden Wedding, Brooklyn

Have I mentioned lately how much I love weddings and elopements in community gardens?  If not, please allow me to recommend them once more.  Community gardens are ideal because…they feel like a real backyard — not a meticulous, formal garden, but a comfortable space in which to convene; they are private; and they juxtapose the urban with ecosystem ideals eloquently, as you can see from the photo below where the greenery covers a commercial sign (the garden is adjacent to a store).

Ashley and Richard took advantage of my $150 Justice of the Peace style special offer for weekday weddings.  Although they planned their elopement months in advance from many miles away in California, it still felt fabulously low-key, peaceful, and yet joyous.  A friend helped them secure access to a small community garden by Atlantic Avenue and Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn. Their witness took some photos and even decorated a bit!  After the ceremony, Ashely and Richard enjoyed a few quiet moments and toasted their new marriage with champagne.

Thank You Note from Ashley:

Hi Judie,

These are wonderful! Thank you so much for sending these to us! No, you don’t need to mail the prints, I’ll have them printed. I appreciate the offer. I absolutely love them!!!

We miss NY already. Thank you again for the wonderful words at the service – I can’t believe you brought him to tears! Feels good.

I hope you’re having a great June. It’s probably very busy for you!


Scans of prints from my Minolta 35mm:

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