Outgoing Couple Weds in Central Park

A playful, outgoing, and adventurous couple, Antonio and Sandra are both originally from Columbia, although they grew up in the States.  After they met in 2007, both went separate ways to complete degrees — Antonio to finish his residency and Sandra to finish a degree in Journalism.  While apart, they set up dates to cook and chat about movies through Skype.  It did not take them long to call themselves “soul mates,” as well as “party partners.”  Sandra even taught Antonio how to Salsa.

In our digital correspondence, Antonio wrote that he loved Sandra for her compassion, her caring nature, her respect for his opinions, her sense of humor, her legs, her ears, her laugh, her ability to know what he is thinking, and the way she ‘fixes’ him in the morning for work from sartorial advice to gastronomy. Sandra wrote that she loves Antonio because he is romantic and trustworthy,  calm and serene yet enjoys partying, a good planner and energetic.  She also likes his adorably cute face, the way he “pets” her, and his willingness to be indulgent.  For instance, he’ll surprise her by cooking for her, taking her for a drive, or simply bringing flowers. And I am sure these are only some of the reasons they choose to marry in Central Park on May 22nd with their closest friends surrounding them!

For those who are considering ways to easily make their ceremony more meaningful, describing what you love about each other in little notes that I then read to introduce your wedding vows to each other is memorable way to simply add personal touches to the wedding ceremony.

Judie and Liam,

Thank you so much for making our wedding wonderful! We really could not have dreamt for more. Your reading of the prologue and vows was excellent, and you both kept us relaxed. We can’t wait to see the pictures.

With Many Thanks,

Antonio and Sandra

Images below are scans.

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