Small Wedding at The Loading Dock (Brooklyn)

I know that many of my couples read this blog not only to review my work.  They also review ideas.  Here is one: rather than a park, garden, or formal hotel affair, consider a “dinner party” wedding!  Actually, many of couples who are more mature in years select this route.

Kevin and Nina married at The Loading Dock, which is in downtown Brooklyn.  Although small — and without air conditioning — the Loading Dock is at once a quintessential urban and unique wedding ceremony venue.  It epitomizes a nostalgic view of pre-commercialized Brooklyn and rests in a liminal space between post-industrialization and yet pre-gentrification NYC.  With a little outdoor space at the entrance and a room hosting, informally, local artists that can be rented for private events, it provides a perfect setting for those who want a “dinner party” environment for their marriage ceremony.  Mismatched chairs, and a long, thin table on discrete rolling legs,

As the guests gathered, a fabulous Spanish Guitarist (Shogo Kubo) played; he also played more softly as Nina and Kevin exchanged wedding vows.  Kevin and Nina opted for a twenty minute romantic and philosophical ceremony that allowed them to get a little lost in the moment.

As a side-note, I think that too often couples think they want a five minute ceremony, but then feel as if they were not able to feel immersed in the emotional, life-altering sweep of getting married officially.  But Nina and Kevin certainly choose a ceremony that celebrated the importance of love, which I likewise appreciated.  This Bride and Groom also enlisted the services of an exquisite Irish singer (I wish I knew her name–only know that she lives in the East Village!) to sing as they lit a very elegant unity candle.

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