Ritz-Carlton Hotel Wedding (Battery Park)

A small wedding need not be held at home or in a public park.  Some couples, like Danielle and Lee, dream of a small wedding in a beautiful location.   Since their ceremony highlighted the virtues and joys of friendship, it was most appropriate that their most cherished friends and family celebrated with them.  In fact, a close friend created the bridal bouquet, as well as elegant, minimalist table centerpieces with a single, deep red calla lily entrenched in a water-filled vase.  The setting — and staff — did the rest of the work.  With two dozen or so guests surrounding them in a half-circle, Danielle and Lee exchanged their wedding vows on the roof-deck at the Ritz Carlton Hotel overlooking Battery Park with the Statue of Liberty at one end and the Manhattan skyline on the other.  Since the sky was moderately clear of haze and the rain barely noticeable, we could even see the dilapidated prison on Govenor’s Island.

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