Intimate Wedding at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

The forecast predicted rain, which never came.  This seems to be the normal weather pattern, and it is welcome break from last year for couples, like Rob and Liz, planning their summer wedding in New York.  These two love-birds married at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden in the Japanese Pavilion.  As you can see from the photos, they added a few personal touches, including a very cool off-beat dress worn by Liz and a bouquet composed of brooches that she made herself.

Liz and Rob kindly shared their love story with me, and I added this piece to their civil wedding ceremony:

Elizabeth and Rob, this day does not mark the beginning of your bond. You met seven years ago in high school. Together, you experienced the highs and lows of life. When one felt overwhelmed and stressed, the other offered compassionate kindness. As you encountered such difficulties, you learned how to be more honest with each other: you learned that you do not need to keep anything concealed from one another. Rather, you embrace each other in all ways. This acceptance has helped given you both space to grow as individuals. Rob, your support of Liz enabled her to cultivate her passion for teaching. And Liz, your support of Rob has guided his career and other interests too. But you are not only bystanders watching each other develop. You feel the most joy when working and playing together – whether seeing a new movie or hanging out with family and friends. In other words, you have “tamed” each other. Perhaps this excerpt from The Little Prince best describes your union….

I am also absolutely delighted to report that they took each other’s surnames: Liz added Rob’s last name, and Rob added Liz’s.  For those wondering about such matters, about half my couples keep their last names, about forty to forty-five percent of my Brides adopt their new husband’s name, and five to ten percent are more innovative.  Since I am not a traditional minister from a specific denomination, though, these rough stats should not be taken as representative of all couples.

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