Honoring Pregnant Brides (Tryon Park Wedding)

Nathalia contacted me in the early Spring with plans to marry the “love of her life and best friend,” Hector, in October.  Fortune graced this interfaith (Catholic- Jehovah Witness) couple in early July: Nathalie learned that her brother would be visiting for a few days.  In only about ten days or so, she quickly put together a small wedding with about twenty-five to thirty guests. She choose one of my favorite parks — Fort Tryon Park by the Cloisters (a satellite of the Metropolitan Museum of Art that houses medieval art & architecture), which overlooks the Hudson River, for her wedding ceremony site. While wandering around the park was a bit much for Nathalie, who was glowing with joy at her new marriage and pregnancy, she did request that I add reflections about their growing family.

Very shortly your union will no longer only consist of two: you are about to be parents. Therefore, as much as we celebrate the creation of a new marriage today, we also honor you for bringing the gift of a new being into this world. As parents, you will grow and mature even more deeply: you will learn as much from your child as you will teach your child. Such virtues as patience, kindness, and compassion will become especially valuable to your new family. We hope you enjoy this quieter period in your lives as a time of joyful meditation upon your new responsibility. But we also hope that you will carve out date nights and mini vacations to tend to each other as much as you will nourish your child.

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