Alger House Wedding

Down-to-earth Traci and Dave secured my services back in March.  When I met them, I knew we were likely to be a great match.  They selected the Alger House as their ceremony and reception site.  For those not familiar with it, the Alger House is a townhouse/brownstone renovated to service various events, including weddings.  I think it’s best for weddings with twenty to eight invites.  It has a very laid-back, cozy feel, and I think it suited my earthy couple brilliantly.  With dried lavender sprigs eloquently filtering a calming aroma throughout the the room and such herbs as dill thickly covering the banister, their wedding was a warm, eco-friendly gathering. Traci and Dave even made a donation to ASPCA rather than giving out the “traditional” parting gifts to guests.

Their ceremony itself was secular.  However, since Traci hails from a Catholic background and Dave’s Jewish roots were strongly felt, they did integrate a few cultural elements.  The ceremony itself was simple and civil, but the wording felt very traditional, and the vows closely resembled Christian vows.  To open and close the ceremony, however, I talked about the meaning of the Chuppah and the breaking of the glass in ways that I think apply to our contemporary lives.

Meaning of the Chuppah

We gather underneath this chuppah to honor the past and celebrate the possibilities the future will bring Traci and Dave.  Long after tents vanished from the landscape, the covering continued to mark the place in which the couple would assemble with their closest family to be united in marriage….  This canopy thus creates a sacred space….  It symbolizes the importance of treading modestly, carefully, and thoughtfully on this earth….  The canopy is open on all sides to represent how welcome family, friends, and new acquaintances will be in the couple’s home… Although the chuppah cannont keep outside storms away, just as love, hope, and promises cannot, it will be couple’s anchor, just as their loving commitment will be, for all the days of their lives.

Breaking of the Glass

The breaking of the glass is a reminder than joy coexists with sorrow.  As we celebrate the happiness this union will bring, we also express concern over the sadness experienced by others… Dave will now “break the glass” with our prayerful wishes that this marriage bring more peace into this world… On the count of three… Mazel Tov!

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