Blue Hill at Stone Barns Wedding

I am totally in love with this site.  Tucked away in Westchester — but conveniently only a ten minute taxi drive from the Tarrytown Metro North stop — Blue Hill is a restaurant situated on a farm.  A real farm.  A very picturesque farm.  And a farm that yields much of the food served in the very earthy, yet sophisticated restaurant.  And I learned this first hand!  Right before the ceremony, the very kind coordinator (Anne) guided me through the pristine kitchen: as I walked through, I noticed both the cleanliness and the very, very fresh produce organized and ready to be cooked and served.  If you have an afternoon to spare, I advise a romantic escapade to the farm, as well as the cafe, which serves lattes and baked goods, or the restaurant itself.  Yes, if you cannot make it to Westchester, you could go to the satellite in the Village.  Please, though, do consider the extra travel time to feel the more peaceful setting at Blue Hill.

But enough about Blue Hill!  Soft-spoken Ayuchi and Jonathan married in April, but wanted a more meaningful ceremony to take place with their friends and family, who traveled from around the world to be present.  Below is the introduction I added to a standard ceremony to make their celebration a bit more personal and yet not-over-the-top, as English was the second language for many of their guests.

Ayuchi and Jonathan, despite being from different countries – Japan and South Korea – you found each other. You met here in New York while Jonathan was living in San Francisco about two years ago. Although distance separated you, your loving commitment grew so strong that you traveled to see each other once a month. It is true that you are both hard-working individuals who do your best in your careers. But your willingness to brave a long-distance romantic relationship reveals the depth of your bond: because you are mutually supportive, you are happy to make your relationship the most important part of your lives.


As a couple, you love traveling and to experience the new in life. This shows your adventurous spirits. You are sincerely devoted partners who mentor and encourage one another. You challenge each other to become better people. You easily make each other laugh. Best of all, you accept one another in all ways.


Ayuchi and Jonathan, you each cherish your families. Indeed, you even like each other’s family! Since your families genuinely get along, you are among the most fortunate of couples.

Today, you will unite your lives in marriage: you will celebrate the beginning of a new family – the family you create together.


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