Justice of the Peace style Wedding in Central Park

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Jacqueline and Tad’s family drove eight hours from North Carolina to watch these wordly travelers who met abroad get married.  A few hours after their early evening wedding, the family would return to run a hotel business down South at its seasonal height.  I don’t think the family spent more than thirty-six hours on their trip, but their dedication reveals their love for their daughter and new son-in-law.  It’s wonderful to meet the family, especially families as warm as Jacqueline and Tad’s.  It’s also fantastic to be able to share the wedding day with them!  Liam and I understand the desire for a true elopement, and we completely respect the decision.  Equally sweet are tiny weddings in which the couple’s most cherished family members are able to come to a destination wedding in New York.  If the family is close, worries about entertaining them are quite small: this is a city with lots to do!  So, if you want, please do invite your nearest and dearest.  While some couples have family and friends who add a bit of drama, most will be happy just to watch you tie the knot and celebrate the day with you — thereby leaving you free to marry wherever you want, however you want, and to enjoy most of your honeymoon.

We wanted to thank you again for the outstanding job you did for us. We appreciate that you made us feel entirely comfortable throughout our day and that you considered all of our input and gave us yours as well. We love the pictures and still hear our family talk about the beautiful words you spoke at our ceremony. We wouldn’t have had it any differently…

Kind regards,
Tad and Jacqueline

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