Queens County Farm Wedding

The Queens County Farm is a brilliant choice for any nature-loving, local couple.  It is cozy, quaint, and affordable.  Lindsay and Rick needed few decorations: they used fresh-cut flowers, including daisies, in classic jar bottles, some candles that will surely flicker beautifully against old-fashioned lead windows, and gave their guests hot sauce, which perfectly matched the barbecue theme.

It is also a great place to visit anytime of year.  In the Fall, for example, the farm has offers a maze of maize; in the winter, it offers wreath-making classes and trees.

Caveats?  I am missing one bit of information: this lacuna of knowledge is ethical, although vegetarians/vegans (like myself) might be the sole folks who mind: I have no idea if the farm animals become food at some point: if they do, I agree that this is quite offensive!

Nonetheless, I was delighted to participate in their wedding.  Since they sent their love story well in advance, I added this piece to their civil ceremony:

“Lindsay and Rick, in the short-time you’ve known each other, you provided genuine, heartfelt solace to each other when life brought hardships. Even your commitment to each other’s families has remained steadfast during times of hardship. Let us take a moment of quiet reflection to honor those who are not physically present with us now……Lindsay and Rick, you met five years ago at a friend’s apartment. While you were each dating someone else at the time, you immediately connected. You even spent a few hours chatting about your jobs and significant others. But it took another year for your relationship to grow…..Jake, where are you? On behalf of Lindsay and Rick, I’d like to sincerely express gratitude –thank you. Your apartment will always have a special place in Lindsay and Rick’s hearts. It was there that our beautiful couple met again…..Lindsay, when you entered, you noticed Rick lounging on the sofa. Smiling, you walked over and wondered out-loud why Rick needed to take up so much space. Rick responded to your bold request with a dumbfounded look. Your straight-forwardness surprised him a bit. Apparently, it also impressed him. Later that night, he brought you a beer. That he dropped it before the beer safely reached your hands became an auspicious omen. Your bond matured from your shared light-hearted and fun-loving dispositions. The next night you met together with friends. Rick, you requested Lindsay’s phone number, which she happily gave you. When you sent her a text to make sure Lindsay arrived home safely, Lindsay knew she had met a concerned, caring individual. Although you barely knew each other, you appreciated one another…..A short week later, you went on your first date to see King Kong. Eventually, the movie theater became the original setting for a long-standing argument that only two people in love could have. To this day, you still debate with humorous passion who took whose hand first.”

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