Exchanging vows on the Brooklyn Bridge

About half my couples marry in small weddings with fewer than a few dozen guests, another twenty-five percent have between forty and ninety guests or so, and the other twenty-five percent invite over a hundred.

This decision has its origins in finances and personal preferences.  I’ve married eloping couples who clearly had the means for an extravagant wedding and couples who invited everyone to their home wedding wedding to save money.

Glenda and Paul shared their special day with Glenda’s daughter, Ashley, their parents, a sibling or two, and friends.  Their guest list for their Sunday wedding was not only short due to personal preferences: their wedding was on the Brooklyn Bridge!

Although they called with only a week or so to spare, since they gave me some background information, I was able to add this introduction to their ceremony as a sweet surprise to make their day more meaningful.

“We have come together to celebrate with Paul, who will truly become the “luckiest guy in New York” when Glenda says “I do.” Just as this bridge brings together two separate islands to render them even more amazing in their interdependence, you will merge your two independent, equally wonderful lives into a wiser, braver, and stronger family….. Glenda and Paul, you both believe that the future is not about meditating upon may come or in regrets about the past. The past is long gone, but you can control the “now.” When you live in the now, the future may come faster, as you do not wait for life to bring you its gifts…. Paul’s opening line to Glenda, which was “tell me everything,” could not be more appropriate. Since the fateful moment you met, you have sought to realize the possibilities of each day. Knowing that you cannot control what the future may bring, you choose instead to focus on experiencing the present fully. In this way, you free yourselves to grow and learn more with the passing of every hour….Now, you will enhance the meaning of this day by uniting your lives in marriage. By exchanging vows expressing mutual unconditional support, you will agree to help your partner fulfill all potential in the days to come.”

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