Roosevelt Hotel Wedding

I met Ann and Joe of Nova Scotia for the first time on their wedding day.  Having spoken to Ann on the phone, I knew we would get along easily.  Together for years, they decided to exchange wedding vows and secure the public record (the marriage license) to make their union “official.”  Given the prospect of rain, they married in their hotel, the elegant Roosevelt Hotel.  I’ve frequented many hotels for weddings — from the Waldorf Astoria to the Wales Hotel.  Some are ideal for formal weddings, and others perfect for intimate ceremonies.  The Roosevelt would be great for all.   It stands apart from other hotels due to the lack of too much intrusive surveillance by the staff.  The New York Plaza and New York Palace are gorgeous wedding venues.  But I seriously doubt a couple could marry in even a ten minute ceremony in the lobby.  At the Roosevelt, this is possible.  The staff are at once present and relaxed about such matters.  Ann and Joe’s ceremony lasted fifteen minutes and no one bothered us.  An employee even kindly let them use the balcony that overhangs the front door.  It helps that only the photographer/witness and I were present too!  Eloping is the best means to attempt to do a true “guerrilla wedding.”

Luckily, the rain did not come on Ann and Joe’s wedding day.  The other weddings photos below were taken in the Shakespeare Garden, which is one of my favorite wedding ceremony locations in Central Park.

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