Weddings on the Beach, New York

Summer is not over yet. It’s only over for small people and the college bound. The weather forecasts in September, October, and even early November are usually ideal for weddings… on a beach … in the middle of the day … during the week. With fewer bathers, especially school aged children, running about, the beach will be quieter. Furthermore, it will be a little cooler: July heat was not exactly the most comfortable weather for hanging out on the beach. I recommend Brighton Beach, Coney Island Beach, and Long Beach, all of which are easily accessible. If this idea is interesting already, I’ll add another bit of propaganda. If you select a week-day (M-F, 9AM-4PM) for your wedding or elopement, I am happy to also reserve another week-day just in case it rains. That offer is only good for those who schedule a beach wedding at Bright Beach, Coney Island Beach, or Long Beach.  The honorarium will be $200 for Brighton Beach / Coney Island Beach, and $275 for Long Beach.  Add $50 for a weekend ceremony.  This includes a standard ceremony, vows of your choice, and filing your marriage license or a keepsake certificate for commitment ceremonies and vow renewals.

Below, scanned photos from my manual Minolta 35mm.

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