It doesn’t get any more Justice of the Peace, NYC style, than this!

These fabulous Miami natives called me less than two weeks before their wedding.  They flew into New York on Thursday night, got the license on Friday morning, went to court to get a waiver (which they said was very easy), and then got hitched in Central Park around 4 PM.

Note: If you want an outdoor wedding ceremony, hurry!  Despite the warm front this weekend, the weather soon will become too cold to get married in New York outdoors.  If you are looking to elope and dream of tying the knot in a park or garden, make plans in the next couple weeks or wait until April.  Otherwise, consider a beautiful winter wedding (I did!).  The weather will be chilly, but weddings at home and in hotels are very romantic.  Many restaurants also provide a cozy atmosphere.  Plus, you can always go outside for some quick photos.

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  1. Daniel & Luz

    Judie and Liam,

    We’ve just gotten a moment to breathe. All sorts of craziness happening just before tying the knot in NYC, all sorts of craziness happening while tying the knot in NYC, and all sorts of craziness happening after tying the knot in NYC. Thank you Judie & Liam!!! You both are awesome and WE ARE MARRIED!!! And to briefly explain CRAZINESS to those interested… Luz and I definitely wanted to get married on the anniversary of the day we met, November 5. Work schedules were tight for both of us and planning a wedding was an impossibility and she said “…absolutely not…” to the idea of getting married in Vegas by Elvis Presley.

    (Note: Guys wanting to do this…book the flight, get her over to Vegas, have yourselves a couple of tequila shots or bottles, pop the question- “Hey Babe since we’re here and we’re soooo in love, why don’t we run over to that little chapel with the Elvis Presley impersonator/officiant/waiter-on-weekends-because-he-can’t-make-ends-meet (reason being, he’s got a hell-of-a-lot of competition from this couple in NYC, Judie and Liam, officiant/photographer dynamic duo, that performs beautifully romantic ceremonies in Central Park- or any park for that matter – in NYC) ? She’ll say “Woooo” and go for it! Or NOT and say….” Romantic ceremony….Central Park…New York City…I love you…” and then pass out.)

    I did my research on the inter-net and came across Judie and Liam’s website. I was impressed by all of the information, testimonials and pictures. I was also able to easily convince Luz to abandon the idea of an extremely stressful wedding ceremony. I phoned Judie the next day to coordinate their availability. She instructed me on what to do (ie: getting a marriage license, getting a judicial waiver, selecting a ceremony w/ poetic readings, selecting one of many beautiful NYC Parks, etc.). She was extremely reassuring and I felt then, more than ever, that this was the right thing to do. To make a long story short, Luz and I planned our mad dash in less than two weeks; the bulk of it in a matter of 24 hours. It was absolutely CRAZY how smoothly things went; how easy it was to get a license and judicial waiver (note: we applied for our license on-line); how easy it was, after dressed, to grab a cab to the nearest flower shop seconds away from our Central Park hitching post and have a beautifully private ceremony officiated by the charming Judie; that we are sharing with family and friends through the professional eyes of Liam and not a camera phone at arms length.

    Strangely enough in an era of mad divorces, many people (family, friends, even strangers) expressed joy in our union. We’ve yet to come across anyone frowning upon our decision to elope. We can’t find enough words to express our gratitude. Thank you again Judie and Liam.

    Best Regards,

    Dan and Luz


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