Coney Island Beach Wedding Ceremony

Personalized Prelude

We gather here in the company of this witness, a few strangers, and the loving spirits of family and friends to celebrate the joining of Kenneth and Alexa into marriage.

Alexa and Kenneth, not so long ago, you were strangers. Despite earning a degree in psychology, Alexa nonetheless felt intellectually unfulfilled: she took a mundane job to save for a nursing degree, but still found a few precious hours to relax with friends from the Irish punk rock scene and dabble with Facebook connections. A “strapping long Scottish lad” devoted to his family from the Isle of Lewis, Kenneth tended sheep when not exploring the abilities of Facebook. Thousands of miles apart, only the graces of luck abetted by cyber links could provide a chance encounter. As it turns out, you met in a Facebook forum while playing a game of poker.

The seemingly ephemeral virtual meeting graduated to Skype chats, which transformed into the highlight of each day for both. The farmer taught Scots Gaelic to the Yankee, and the Yankee conveyed the value of urban independence to the farmer. Beneath some cultural and personal differences, each found a kindred spirit.

Your digital correspondence helped you to nurture a supportive bond in which you felt comfortable enough to share everything and anything. Chats revealed much held in common, such as a strong work ethic and fierce loyalty towards those cherished dearly.

Most importantly, since you are both bold enough to “try anything once,” you agreed to meet in “real time.” Kenneth left behind agricultural concerns to marvel in the craziness of Boston with Alexa for three weeks.

And so, harboring wishes for something more than platonic, you spent New Year’s Eve, which happens to be Kenneth’s birthday, together with friends in a revelry of activity. You groomed yourselves meticulously: Kenneth adorned his kilt and Alexa her skirt. A kiss around the magical hour of midnight was the harbinger for the near year. For good and ill, though, before dawn broke, fellow travelers became overly inebriated and the limo abandoned you. Frost bite seemed a possibility as you waited for over two hours for an empty taxi. Fortunately, to this day, Kenneth smiles as he proclaims the events as composing “the best birthday ever.”

The excitement of the holiday transmuted into the warmth of security during the remainder of Kenneth’s trip as Alexa found herself among the “over-staffed” and a victim of the recession. After curling up in Kenneth’s arms for a round of tears, both came to the conclusion that a trip to New York City would supply an antidote.

Life’s responsibilities cast aside, you toured our unwieldy, yet sophisticated city. Eyes gazed at art and landmarks. Taste buds tickled with rich delight. Ears buzzed with the unique cacophony of Manhattan. Smells offered a more than odd perfume. And, of course, touching hands became pursued relentlessly.

Kenneth’s visit ended too quickly; the relationship intensified and your love story matured. Being apart only made you realize how much you needed to be together always. Marrying was the inevitable choice.

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