Snug Harbor Wedding Ceremony

The Snug Harbor Cultural Center is among the places I often recommend to my couples: it is perfect for elopements, intimate weddings, and large weddings alike.  Why?  Its diversity!  When a couple invited me to officiate their ceremony in the Chinese Scholar Garden, I came early to snap a few shots (more are in the archives of this blog) for fun and to show off the site.

And here is a spiritual-esque benediction example to consider for a ceremony at Snug Harbor (hint-hint):

What you have joined in the omnipresent spirit of love may not be torn asunder. May riches of all graces bless you.  May your life together attest the power of love in a troubled world. May you overcome injury through forgiveness, division through unity, suffering through compassion, and sorrow through gratitude. May truth adorn your lives, and restitution heal broken spirits. May a warm light glow from your home always so others may learn of generosity through your family. May advice be onto you a brilliant lamp in confusion, friction, or despair.

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