Elite Palace Ceremony

If you read this blog, you know my forehead crinkles in response to the concept of the catering hall wedding.  Visions of dated colors and mirrored ceilings flash through my memory.  I’ve encountered a few very nice reception halls, though, such as the Westbury Manor and Swan Club.  But those are in Nassau County.  Until recently, I never officiated a wedding ceremony in Queens at a more…contemporary….hall.  (I  think of lofts within a different category.)

The Elite Palace of Woodside is a commodious space.  It is elegant and somehow manages to be decorative without going gold and mirror crazy.  That is an impressive feat.  The ceremony room is essentially white and silver, and my couple was also planning to have their reception in the same room after the cocktail hour.  (A huge ballroom is available if you invite hundreds of guests.)  Best of all, it is *clean.*  I have a tendency to judge spaces by the cleanliness of its floors (one hall has carpet stains in the ceremony room) and the quality and cleanliness of its restrooms.  In fact, more than once, I’ve thought about collecting photos of restrooms for a series of reviews of wedding ceremony spaces.  It’d be both funny and enlightening.

Anyway, Elite passes both tests quite well.  So, if you are considering getting married in Elite Palace, do consider it seriously!  And take note that I am happy to be your wedding minister or Justice of the Peace for the ceremony there.

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