Intercultural Ceremony at Sunset Terrace, Chelsea Piers

As a marriage celebrant, I enjoy the best view of the couple during their ceremony and stellar landscape views.  The Sunset Terrace overlooks the Hudson River at Pier 61 of the Chelsea Piers.  Unlike other lofts (such as RamScale or the Glasshouses), Sunset Terrace not only sits right next to the Hudson; one could take a dive from the terrace into the Hudson.  Yes, it is that close to the water — almost, yet not quite, as close as the River Cafe is to the East River.

N+N married is this surprisingly affordable (at least by NYC standards) wedding venue the other night.  A deeply spiritual and very modern pair, the couple made an interesting choice: despite having more than a few ministers in the family, they preferred an outsider to help them tie the knot.  I was delighted to comply.

As an intercultural couple — actually the bride herself is intercultural, so they are “thrice blessed” — they preferred a non-denominational, spiritual ceremony service.  They did add two personal touches — personal vows and a ode to the bride’s heritage, which I posted below.

In a wild world with so much uncertainty, even the most confidant couples may ponder with quiet concern questions about the future of their marriage. The Japanese have taught us a way to resolve these worries. If a couple can produce together one thousand cranes, then they may be assured of enduring joy in the future as a family. Like marriage, this job is not sinecure: it is not for those with idle hands. Astounding patience, precision, and perseverance are mandatory to accomplish this task. It requires secure balance, sensitive touches, and compassionate feelings…just like marriage.

N+N, by my very rough calculations, you worked at least one hundred hours to undertake the process. Since you survived with your friendship intact, you have built a lasting tribute to your bond. For cranes mate forever in sincere faithfulness: they honor their partners with the most loyal friendship. And they are thus the ultimate symbols of a longevity that will soar well beyond any hardship.

May these cranes remain signs of the glowing hope, harmony, and happiness you feel today.


Just wanted to give you another quick round of thanks for helping make our day so incredible!  You words were so beautiful!  And you looked beautiful as well!!!  As soon as we get the pics from the photographer I’ll be sure to send you copies for you to use.  Also, when we return from the honeymoon we’d love to send along a glowing review.  Should I just email it to you or are there sites that you would like me to post them on?  Please let me know because I definitely want to sing your praises!  Thanks again!!

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