Interfaith marriage ceremony at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Pretty-pretty-pretty.  That word resounded in my thoughts as I married this couple and now when I view their photos.  I have so many couples that want a “quintessential urban wedding” that I sigh with expansive relief when a couple selects a quiet, classy, and gorgeous site for their wedding ceremony, such as the Rose Garden in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Here are K+L’s romantic intercultural wedding vows, which they choose:

With these rings, we unite our hearts in tenderness and devotion. We will honor each other’s cultures as we join customs to form a trusting relationship. We will protect, support, and encourage each other through life’s joys and sorrows as we create a loving future. We promise to establish a home for ourselves and our children shaped by our respective heritages– a loving environment dedicated to peace, hope, and respect. From this day forward our lives will be intertwined forever, blessed in faith, and filled with compassion, understanding and love. With this ring I thee wed.

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