A favorite wedding ceremony on Fire Island

I ought not to have favorites, and I rarely do.  The wedding yesterday, however, was as blazingly meaningful and memorable as the summer sun shining….By now, readers must know that I only become that sugary when feeling extra romantic, dreamy, and in love with my life.

Back in May 2009, I married Charles and Lauren in a tiny elopement ceremony.  Lauren’s sister, Aimee, who had married Sarah a few states down, a few years earlier, crashed it…with the sincerest intentions, of course.  Aimee and Sarah’s love soon afterwards created a son, as did the love of Lauren and Charles create a son.  Fast-forward to yesterday, when I had absolute honor and pleasure of meeting all once again –and their young children– and marrying Aimee and Sarah officially….my first same-sex wedding officiated legally in NY.

Almost as sweetly, I had the pleasure of marrying them on Ocean Beach in Fire Island, which was the first time I’ve ever married a couple in Suffolk County, where I grew up –way out East.  (Yeah, I know, but all other 400-something couples kept me really busy in NYC, Nassau, and Westchester.)

No, folks, it never, ever felt better to say “…State of New York…you are now wed” than yesterday for every reason imaginable, as most already know from the archives of this blog.  It was a very overwhelming day indeed.

Below: isn’t Fire Island gorgeous?  Thanks to Liam for the images.

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