Sculpture Garden Wedding (Westchester)

From their ceremony:

Kristina, Andrew “loves your passion. You are the most scrupulously honest person he has ever met. He loves your tenacity and stubbornness. He loves that you can’t watch the commercial with the shelter animals because it is too much for you to see an animal abandoned or unloved. He loves that you are the kindest, most caring person he knows, but you would never describe yourself as such. And you are absolutely beautiful.”

Andrew, Kristina “loves you even though her sense of humor is lost on you. She loves you because you fill in all her blank spots. Because you seem to be – inexplicably – in love with her despite glaring mood swings and a stubborn temper. She loves you because you always know the answers to jeopardy (and she can’t even spell jeopardy) – which is both incredibly sexy and very frustrating. She loves you because you are good. You are so kind, and she feels as though you are a better person than she. She doesn’t know how she got lucky enough to keep you.”

From the fabulous bride: “….We are packing up our apartment this week to move to South Carolina and I wanted to take a break to say thank you. You and Liam were so great! It was a crazy hot day! I taught class until 1pm, ran home, got ready, Andrew picked out some flowers – I was a cool customer all day – until the drive to the park I thought I would pass out I was so nervous! The two of you made us feel so relaxed and comfortable, I felt instantly better when we walked around the corner and spotted you at the picnic tables….”

One Comment

  1. Kristina and Andrew

    Thank you again Judie for the most perfect ceremony ever imagined and tailored to a couple you only new via email. So special. And thank you Liam for killer beatufull photos that bring smiles laughter and tears when ever they are viewed! Youade our wedding an enforgetable day!
    K & A


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