To upstate NY’s Mount Merino does this NYC celebrant go

Y+D, linked you in time and space. But you connected in the same way as long, lost friends do and fell in love in the same way as teen-agers do. You did not think it possible to suffer from “bouts of love arrhythmia and insomia” as adults, but you did—and continue to do so.

In five-hour long telephone marathons and notes entitled “another love letter” you revealed innermost thoughts, romantic sentiments, and crackled about the insanity of daily life. Grown-up tendencies to be logical caved. The will to expose maturity in sarcasm dwindled.

To your credit, you have courageously embraced the “bells and whistles” of the head-over-heels-in-love genre. You composed sappy love poems, such as “Covers crooked. Body askew. Arms thrown. I’m tired. Alone in bed I lay. Still thinking of you.”

At the same time, your love notes betray your intelligence. They convey literate, thoughtful, and witty messages. They are glimpses not only of the past, but of the potential of your future together. In fact, it is because you are so wise in years that you are able to enjoy falling in love so much. Attachment to each other is richer because you both bring treasures of knowledge and quirky traits to your bond.

Through chats, you unwind and express friendship. By listening, you come to learn more about each other and the world. And in silence, you share not the same thoughts, but a harmonious melody of sentiment.

Indeed, your lives never truly paralleled those of “Just Kids.” You reside in the postpartem wake of the hard-work and love of those who trampled across borders – in a time where the mainstream adapted (and perhaps perverted) the surreal and counter-culture for its very own.

Still, the disparate mix is liberating. We are free to indulge and explore. Beauty, artistry, bravery, and nerdiness do not preclude automatically the enjoyment of fantastical SciFi television shows. Sophisticated styles and t-shirts resting on jeans seem to naturally complement each other.

As do you.

You never want to depart from the mini-world where hopeful love presides. The past –the “before you and I” – seems to melt away. And the vows you will exchange reflect a desire to hold your grip to stay balanced within this delicate bubble of poetry.

…May refreshing air circulate and energize you both by morning. May browsing bookstores enlighten you by day. And may you drift into a sweetly united peaceful slumber with warm comforts by night.

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