A happy ending in Grand Central

Linda and Hunter met twenty years ago in college. Together for three very intense months, youthful self-involvement and worries about marrying at such tender ages compelled each to pursue separate dreams. Both ventured onwards to enjoy mostly fabulous lives. Hunter helped raise a son, and Linda’s career paths took her to fashion, Prague, and magazine work.

About eighteen months ago, the Saints won the Superbowl and Hunter took his son, Ian, to boot camp. He then drove to Lafayette to build another home there. He caved to curiosity and began a Facebook page. Soon afterwards, he reconnected with Linda in cyberspace…

And, once again, Facebook reunited a pair of lovebirds. Phone calls quickly rekindled the deeply affectionate bond the pair tried repressing long ago. Unlike youthful love, their love now is mature. To no one else are Linda and Hunter so perfectly suited. Neither will never let another day fade without showing appreciation for the other. In fact, promptly upon moving to New York in December, Hunter proposed to Linda.

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