Jumbled word play on a trip to a ceremony

This is just for fun…..

Typically, each ceremony comes with at least two hours of travel.  A recent wedding ceremony in the Hudson Valley accompanied about five to six hours of travel.  While on the train, I usually read, collect quotes using a new toy–Kindle, half-sleep, or jot down random words that come to mind and then try to put them together.  “Treason,” “naught,” “Eden,” “checkered,” “story of you and me,” and a few other words made rather random imprints in my head.  Here is how I managed to get them in one paragraph. 

No, this is not meant to be an example of *good writing*: it is just for fun.  It feels autobiographical.

This is the story of you and the story of me. This is the story of us and when you and me birthed “we.” …I looked good to you, and I thought you looked cool too. Equal, parallel amounts of beauty and vices made us even. Promises recited, we did not feel quite yet united. For too much time did we wail and weep for reason and unreason; still neither could ever commit against the other treason. We bickered and fought–assuming our lives more famine than feast, more deprived than plenty, more checkered with faults than grace, more tin than bejeweled—until we learned all was for naught. Each seethed for the restoration of Eden. Never glamor enshrined, home became a temple only when piety could be mined. Of self and the other did too many expectations hover. Then tempers grew meek–ears inclined, wrath rested, quiet tongue, animated mind, hours of meditation amid days of labor, walking in wonder, praying to play—and at last, self-restraint enabled the leap… It is a story of joy—a story of pain—a story of truth when faithful love finally made us sane.

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