Astoria Park wedding

Pardon the dust, I am a scan (Judie's 1958 autocord)

An excerpt from their ceremony:

As many here know, Miranda and Jonathan met through friends at a football game back in 2001. Immediately, they both realized their bond held much promise for future romance and adventures. But school and work intervened and complicated their lives. Still, they reconnected the following year. Watching movies, such as the Bone Collector, and gazing into each other’s eyes with joyous wonder quickly became frequent past-times. Yet it took another few months until Jonathan built enough courage to officially ask Miranda on a date. She accepted, and they soon shared their first kiss.

More dates filled their weekends and vacations until, once again, the trials of daily life intervened. Miranda left for NYC to attend college. Jonathan felt a bit crushed. But Miranda knew that the “heart grows fonder with distance.” She spoiled Jonathan by coming home every other weekend and surprising him at work. When Jonathan couldn’t take being away from her any more and saved enough money, he moved to NYC. In Astoria, they began building a home together. They developed their own traditions. Even picking out a Christmas tree brought them closer. In fact, it was here, in Astoria Park, that Jonathan proposed. And it is here that all of you and I find ourselves to celebrate the official start of their marriage.

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