Pets and Weddings

I recently married two wonderful guys in Central Park and another local couple in North Forest Park.  I do not know how much they had in common. Except that both missed their dogs.

For the record, I am very pet-friendly. Until I was thirteen, my family had “Beach,” who was a large dog that wandered the neighborhood (yeah, it’s part of Eastern Long Island culture).  Then we had “Sprite,” who was a mellow cocker spaniel always on a quest for food.  For the past six years, I’ve cared for Olivia the Brussels-Bichon mix who only adores her family and fears even pieces of paper plus Aida the Havanese who fears nothing but heights and absolutely loves everyone.  They sleep with us and sit on our laps when we send e-mails.  We also bring them on all family vacations, as the rest of our family likes dogs too.

The point?  My dogs are appendages, and I respect their quirks.  After all, I have one dog who will only kiss her family and another who will generally only kiss strangers and babies. So if you want to involve your dog, as some of my couples have, please do so!  I even pulled one of Liam’s photos from a wedding a few years ago in which the family dog played a role.

And, yes, I certainly like cats and other pets too.  But I do have an irrational fear of snakes, so that might be too much.

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