One of my most informal wedding ceremonies ever

Over a year has past since I posted a few photos of a couple who wore jeans when they exchanged vows.  As I began creating this post, I received an e-mail from one of my future brides: she planned to adorn a casual white dress until some friends “dragged” her to a bridal salon where she found a beautiful gown to love and wear. In her e-mail, she wondered whether this would look odd for her Brooklyn Bridge ceremony—a thought that then came full circle when she noted the diversity of my couples. And, low and behold, here is an example of such diversity!  In fact, as of late, I seem to be alternating between formal/semiformal and ultra informal wedding ceremonies.

It does not matter what you wear when you marry.  And what you wear need not be dictated by the setting.  You can wear a ball gown and tux in a train station or jeans in a formal garden.  It is important to feel confident, pretty/handsome, and comfortable.

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