Sophisticated and Relaxed Home Wedding Ceremony

T+T are an elegant pair. They planned to marry in Battery Park on the Esplanande until cold and rain deterred these plans.  Fortunately, they lived nearby. When I casually inquired about what the rest of their wedding day would hold, the groom replied “dinner and a trip to get some M&Ms in the evening.” The “sons” are full-grown, so you can admit you’d want to do the same.  One is never too old for M&Ms.

Some time ago, a couple remarked that it seems that “I often stand to the side” while officiating.  Yes, that is totally true.  The focus should not be on the wedding officiant: the focus should be on the couple.  While I do assume a traditional position quite frequently, especially with tighter spaces or larger crowds, I do try to make sure photos/videos will be concentrate on the couple with the best background possible in the environment in which the ceremony will take place.

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