Sometimes you need to skip a few states to really get married by an officiant

Most *choose* to elope or marry in an intimate wedding.  Sadly, due to cowardice and ignorance, some couples must elope.  C+N drove from the mid-West to get married here in Queens, NYC.  In part, they did choose to come here.  Since they are planning a celebration with family and friends in the future, though, I cannot help but wonder the extent to which politics closed some possibilities.

Indeed, it took twenty-six hours and two speeding tickets for C+N to finally arrive within the borders of New York.  They enlisted my services, as well as the services of a pro photographer to capture the moment and sign as a witness (these two images are scans from my Autocord prints). They also used a beautiful, classy ring that once belonged to N’s grandmother.  So, in spirit if not person, family encircled them.

Anyway, I am happy that most of my trans, gay, and lesbian couples rarely feel the need to even point out to me that theirs will be a “same-sex marriage.”  A couple should never feel the need to justify marrying for love.  Never, ever. As I’ve written before, for personal and political reasons, I am overjoyed with NYS Marriage Equality legislation.

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