A lovely couple from Queens marries in Central Park

J+P opted for a most unusual ceremony and reception arrangement.  I’ve married couples who planned private ceremonies immediately (versus the next day or week or month, which is very common) followed by a larger reception previously, but most invite parents or siblings to witness the exchange of vows.  This pattern–a local couple who truly eloped and then had a celebratory dinner right afterwards–was new, even for us.  It worked perfectly for them!

A few hours before the sun hit its highest peak, they married in the very pretty Shakespeare Garden.  A few tourists made their way through the garden’s curvy paths.  But not one guest was present. They had an elopement ceremony with Liam signing as their witness.  Later that same day would come the interesting twist that may prove to be a ah-hah moment for other couples.  J+P had invited thirty of their nearest and dearest at a restaurant closer to their home in Queens, NYC.  Different, huh?  Very cool too.  For anyone who is shy or wary of the strong opinions of others, such an arrangement of private ceremony in the morning followed by a lunch/dinner celebration may be the ideal compromise.

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