A guy, a girl, and a vintage yellow cab

As much as my spouse sincerely loves cars and i-products, I do not.  The shadow of radical politics will never depart from my mind.  But I do like most vintage things.  Even I admit that vintage cars are very nifty.  And I do think that any couple planning myriad activities or photos on their wedding day probably should get a car service.  Those who marry on a Monday-Thursday in the middle of the day probably will not have any dificulty securing a cab (unless it rains).  If you plan to marry on a Friday afternoon or weekend, though, getting a cool ride is ideal. F+A used Film Cars for their wedding transportation.


    1. The Blog

      Since F+A’s wedding, I’ve met and chatted with Paul (driver and owner, I think). He is a great, friendly guy — a tour guide. I think you are going to have a marvelous time with this cab!


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