A Beautifully Blue, If Windy, Spring Day Wedding

A little bit about this bride and groom (their story in my words):

Jamie met Jesse and his two daughters, Lex and Liv, through e-harmony about two years ago. Although Jamie was busy enjoying single life, she was impressed by Jesse. A fantastic parent, Jesse also quickly proved to be a fantastic companion during their first date. After chatting about movies and life over dinner, they moved onto a pub, where they drank wine and laughed until the pub kicked them out. They clicked immediately.

It took only a short time of adventures before they fell in love. Jesse met Jamie’s friends at a gay cabaret show at which he was the sole straight guy in the room. And Jamie met Jesse’s beautiful girls. She could not help but fall in love with them too; when the little one declared “I love you” to Jamie, her heart melted.

During one visit, Lex shouted “Jamie’s home” when she walked in the door. Two days later, Jamie and Jesse began discussing living together. By that August, they called the same place “home.” An unexpected turn of events meant that Jamie spent lots of evenings and weekends bonding with Liv and Lex alone. She did not mind at all. In fact, she continues to cherish the quality and quantity time shared with the girls. She grew more attached to them, and they to her.

As the months unfolded, Jamie started to worry that Jesse’s sarcastic, horrified responses to hints about marriage were authentic. She need not have, though. While they watched a movie one fateful night, Jamie complained about being too broke to get hitched. Amid the whining, Jesse pulled out a ring – the same ring that his father used to propose to his mother.

Since the proposal, more surprises have come. Jamie panicked about losing her engagement ring, which she eventually discovered some time later in a block of ice next to her car. Both stressed significantly over pleasing family and friends with wedding plans. No matter what hassles crept into their lives, however, they remained true to themselves, each other, and lovely Liv and Lex.

One Comment

  1. Jamie

    Thanks again Judie and Liam! The pictures are gorgeous and we were so thrilled with the way they turned out! The entire experience was everything I could have wanted and more- so perfectly “us!” It was a wonderful day and I’m thankful I chose you two!


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