Then and Now: An Incredibly Feel-Good Moment

Back in August 2008, I performed a ceremony in the Conservatory Gardens for a couple from Queens.  I dragged Liam with me for company, which proved to be a good idea, since the couple was over one hour late and because……  As I officiated, Liam snapped a few photos just for fun (well, for my website) on the exterior of the the Secret/Southern Garden.  There, he met and chatted with Lisbeth and Franco, who were watching.

A card exchanged and e-mail later, they booked both of us. This is actually the only time we booked another (unrelated) couple while I was marrying another.  I seriously doubt this will ever happen again.

In November 2008, I married this fabulously sweet and well-matched couple in the beautiful Conservatory Gardens.  They had a spiritual and personalized ceremony. Liam, whom I had recently convinced to formally take on wedding photography in August 2008, took their photos.

Fast forward to May 2012. Liam and I are waiting in the Cop Cot for a couple from Ireland: we had married their friends a year ago, so it was a referral, and therefore already a wonderful day.  Here, Franco and Lisbeth were enjoying lunch with an extra family addition — an adorable dog.

I am not very good with faces–no, really, I am terrible with everyone.  I could walk past my Mom without registering her face.  I remember history overall, and Liam remembers faces.  But I did remember their wedding very vividly–names and ceremony and their “couple character.” As we chatted, Lisbeth and Franco mentioned that they run a marathon every year in November and stop by their ceremony site.

I love, love marrying local couples. Whereas once I encountered students or former students all over NYC (subways to street corners), I now get to say “hi” to couples whom I married!

Yes, it feels amazing.

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