Prospect Park Boathouse wedding for a pretty and sweet couple

A bit about these local New Yorkers:

Shamik and Shannon met in their senior years of high school during a Model United Nations’ conference at Yale. They were both on the future Security Council, where Shamik demonstrated a knack for dominating debates. His skills impressed Shannon enough to compel her to walk near him to strike about a conversation about biological and chemical diseases. Throughout the next few days, she purposefully sat near him. They became partners in some work. In these early days, Shamik did notice Shannon’s gorgeous countenance and beautiful eyes; her great, bright smile impressed him. But he initially missed “the signs.”

Fortunately, they exchanged e-mails before Shannon returned to New Jersey and Shamik to Queens and kept in touch online. They spent hours each day chatting. Still, neither compiled the courage to admit a rather rapidly developing serious crush on the other. They headed to their respective colleges. Yet the enhanced distance only magnified their connection. Online correspondence evolved into nightly dialogues about weird roommates and politics. Shamik visited Shannon in Washington D.C., and they spent the weekend traveling to museums and awkwardly avoiding discussions about their feelings. Finally, one of Shannon’s closest friends prodded Shamik to ask Shannon to “go steady.”

Since then, they never again parted in spirit. Once Shannon graduated, she bravely and enthusiastically moved to Brooklyn with Shamik. And, soon after their fifth anniversary, Shamik proposed in front of the Model UN building in Manhattan.

Shannon and Shamik are a lucky pair. Years of separation are now behind them, and they revel in the normal. Together, they make coffee, play with their cats, and watch nerdy sci-fi shows as the sunlight wanes. Each silently does the household chore most loathed by the other. Each is an advocate for the other. Between these two, challenges divide and support multiplies. They know the right time to encourage each other to independently chase a dream and the right time to form an unbreakable alliance. With reverence and understanding, their relationship thrives.

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  1. Shamik

    Judie and Liam just did a superlative job at our wedding. I was a nervous wreck and I could not have ever imagined the wedding going better. My wife and I love our pictures and friends/family were telling us for weeks about how much they enjoyed Judie’s ceremony. Just a wonderful day, one that we’ll always cherish.


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