Brooklyn Bridge Marriage Ceremony / DUMBO Wedding Tour

In the urban world, summer commences with Memorial Day weekend.  S+J married in mid-May on a weekday in the middle of the day.  If you want to marry on the Brooklyn Bridge, please, please consider the timing during the summer.  Please, please imagine the crowds that will be present normally.  Then envision a Saturday or Sunday around 2 p.m.  Now decide upon the date and time. Also, while wedding photography in the Brooklyn Bridge Park area –from the Pebbles’ Beach to the Pier to the new BBP — is still perfectly free, ceremonies technically require a permit ($400).  Yes, we are willing to try a guerrilla *elopement* there. Yet it could be tricky on a weekend.


  1. Gloria & Chuck McLuckie

    Beautiful Pictures you two! What a great idea to elope and get married on the Brooklyn Bridge. I love you both. You look amazing together. Wishing you a wonderful lifetime of happiness.


  2. Sue Ann

    Liam and Judie,

    Thanks so much for making our day everything we could possible dream of. We had the wedding of our dreams from the ceremony (even with the music) to strolling around the DUMBO area and getting our photos taken. It was relaxing and exciting all at once. The pictures are amazing. Keep up the good work making elopements the way they should be. Thanks again.


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