When you marry, you should feel free to be yourselves

S+S had some serious fun on their wedding day.  And I had fun marrying them too! These two women brought along friends from home, another guest took a bus from a nearby state, and S’s daughter and partner attended as well.  We are so happy that everyone felt comfortable enough to relax and “reveal their truest and sometimes eccentric selves.”  Yes, I am quoting a line often used in my own ceremonies.

In a curious and fabulous twist of fate, the two friends accompanying these two decided to marry as well.  Their friends were planning a wedding in Florida.  But since Florida does not have Marriage Equality, they decided to do a quick elopement the morning after S+S married.  So, S+S married on a Saturday afternoon in Hernshead, and I married their friends the next morning in Bryant Park. This is the first time I’ve ever had the pleasure of saying “hi” to one of my couples on their first full day as newlyweds.  Very cool.

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