Wedding Ceremony at 5 Pointz

A+N planned their NYC elopement months in advance, and their hearts were set on marrying surrounded by the playful, constantly changing graffiti at 5 Pointz in Long Island City.   When we arrived, we all encountered a booth selling advertising for 5 Pointz and new artists preparing their redecorating plans.  Fortunately, a basic fee ($100) paid permitted everyone entrance.  The powers-that-be of 5 Pointz were delighted; they claimed that “despite all those who have taken photos amid the walls, this was the first wedding ceremony hosted there.”  Of course, from personal experience, we know the truth!  Not only have couples taken engagement and wedding photos there for years.  A few managed to marry next to the colorful walls without being noticed too.  But we agree that paying a basic fee to support these artists is the honorable thing to do, particularly with the current debates about tearing down this surreal garage to make way for condos.

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