The Fabulous Light and Shade of Tryon Park

For the love of comfort, please follow G+J’s lead and consider how you will feel on your wedding day.

I think G+J, who are both newlyweds and new home owners, got it all right.  Making sure you will feel overall comfy on your big day means choosing a place that you not only love, but will endow you with naturally well-composed photos illuminated by stunning, even light.  It means marrying in a park that gives great shade, because NYC summers tend to be really hot and humid.  It means picking a good time to marry (G+J married at 11 a.m., which worked perfectly for them). It means bringing flats if you are wearing heels.  It means picking a place with cover nearby to shelter your from rain or sun.  It means selecting a location that is not overflowing with crowds to thwart possible anxiety.  It means making sure guests can walk or otherwise easily get to your reception spot while you take a few photos. (G+J’s guests went to the adorable New Leaf Cafe, which sits in Tryon and offers a newly renovated restroom for anyone.)  It means allocating ample time for traffic (G+J allocated extra time for their car service, which proved very wise).  And it means not feeling guilty about over-spending or regretting under-spending for anything.

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