A Gorgeous Queens Botanical Garden Wedding Ceremony

I love being a wedding officiant for mid-day garden ceremonies anywhere in New York.  Each borough has its own Botanical Garden, and I’ve officiated marriage ceremonies in all for both our local couples and destination weddings.

As it turns out, I live in the same neighborhood as this very pretty couple, who tied the knot in the Queens Botanical Garden.  (Liam recognized them immediately, as he frequents the same gym with them.)  Being the polite NY-ers that each of us happened to be, this revelation remained unspoken until the very end of their wedding.   Since it is rare for us to see even a photo of our couples prior to the ceremony, we had no way of knowing how closely we lived to them.  But the bride and groom did!  The bride even noted that she saw me walking to the subway…mostly likely on my way to a ceremony.  Small world, indeed.

By the way, if any of my past or future couples sees me around, do say “hi!”  I am notoriously lost in my own little world.  I cannot tell you how many times I’ve passed by people I know, including my own spouse.

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